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Somewhere, someone needs our help

A night of August,


I started to dream,

I believe…

A strange light was coming to me,

It was so strong,

And also so nice,

I wake up in a dream

Talking to God…

I knew that soon I will wake up to reality,

So I asked Him:

“Why do I exist?”

He didn’t answer,

I wanted to chase the dream,

And then,

Silently, He took me by the hand,

I let myself to be carried in His arms.

We had arrived at a clearing…

It was covered by white snow,

With a simple gesture He spread out all the snow,

On the brown earth has appeared a lone snowdrip,

I watched amazed,

And He smiled telling me in a simple way:

“I love flowers”,

Then I understood,

He loves me, so I exist.

He took my hand,

And we continued our road…

We arrived in a desert ,

A man was sitting a few metters from us,

He was so worn out

That seemed like a doll,

A doll of rags thrown on the ground…

Then I asked God:

“Why don’t You help this man?

You say that You love him…”

Again God was silent.

In the distance I saw another man,

He was struggling in the oasis to fill a wooden bottle with water…

I sat and watched him…

Around me the sand was carried out higher and higher by the wind,

I fell unconscious to the ground myself.

After some time I got up…

The sand storm had dissapeared,

God was not…


I saw again the man from the oasis

Trying to make his way through the sand,

He stopped.

I knew then that he saw the man who passed out,

A few meters away from that man…

He went to him spraying on him with water…

I smiled to myself…

We exist because always, in the world


Someone needs our help.