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Trust that you will be given whatever you ask of Saint Nektarios with faith

My name is Milioara Avarvarei and God arranged for me bisericasfnectarie1to be the wife of a priest. In this article I want to share with everybody how much good Saint Nektarios can do in any problem no matter how insignificant. So far, Saint Nektarios has performed two miracles in our family:

My husband and I wanted very badly to have at least one more child (we already have two wonderful children aged 15 and 12 named Maria and Ciprian) because God gives us a gift through every child.

Due to God’s economy, our godsons from Alba who are very devout gave us a small part of the holy relics of Saint Nektarios. This is how we came to know him. We read the book about his life and we began to pray to him together with our two children, who have this wonderful saint as their wonderful friend and grandfather who understands them in all of their problems.

We also decided to visit the Monastery of the Holy Trinity on the island of Aegina and pray by the coffin with the holy relics. With his holy relics. We arrived in Aegina on the 2nd of February 2011. There we prayed to the saint with faith so that he would offer us a child and we promised to name the child Nectarie / Nectaria. The main reason we went to Aegina was to ask the Saint to heal my husband (Father Dumitru) of his hepatitis C which we had learned of 6 months before – in July 2010.

I cannot describe in words what we felt at the Saint’s monastery. The first miracle the Saint performed with us occurred right there in Aegina. When we left the monastery it was raining heavily and we had to call two taxis to drive us to the ferryboat (we were 6 people, 3 priests with their wives). We knew that the ferryboat was not supposed to leave for another hour because that is what we had read on the schedule posted in the harbour and we had enough time to get there. Talking about this and that, my husband who speaks English talked to the taxi driver and told him we were going to catch the ferryboat which was leaving in an hour. When he heard, the driver grabbed his phone and called a friend of his on the ferryboat and asked him to wait for us for 5 minutes until we got there. We concluded that the schedule was wrong and due to Saint Nektarios’ arrangement we arrived in time, otherwise we would have waited in the rain and cold for another 4-5 hours, until the next ferryboat.

During the first month after the Great Lent, the Lord arranged for me to get pregnant through the intercession of Saint Nektarios. I am now nine months pregnant and about to deliver my baby Nectarie (according to the ultrasound it is a boy). As for my husband’s illness, I can confess that his treatment with interferon was approved and after 3 months of treatment, his viremia tests came back undetectable. God and His saints work through people. Trust that you will be given whatever you ask of Saint Nektarios with faith. We are aware that we are unworthy of all the gifts that God has bestowed upon us through the intercession of His Most Pure Mother and of Saint Nektarios.

Praise to You, Lord, praise to You!

(Milioara Avarvarei)

Translated by Claudia


Two Miracles of Saint Paisios the Athonite Recounted by Archim. Ephraim, Igumen of Vatopedi Monastery

I want to tell you that these saints who sanctified themselves in our times have great glory, they have great power of intercession before the Lord and they help us very much. Three months ago the following occurred: a driver left the area of Therma for Thessaloniki. At a given moment a monk stopped him and said:cuviosul-paisie

‘My lad, will you take me to Thessaloniki?’

‘Sure, come on in!’

The driver was alone in the car. The monk took the front seat next to him and said:

‘Kosta – without having met him before -, you have an incipient lung cancer. Go to the hospital to get treatment in due time!’

The next moment he vanished. The driver was shocked. He made a few phone calls and recounted what had just happened to him. Later his friends showed him some photos and asked him if he recognized the monk’s face. He recognized the photo of Father Paisios. When he went to the hospital he was examined by doctors and diagnosed with incipient lung cancer, even though he wasn’t feeling any pain.

You see? These people who pleased God appear after their deaths and strengthen the truth of the Gospel.

A lady from Cyprus went to venerate the tomb of Father Paisios. When she wanted to kneel down she slipped and put her hand down on the ground to steady herself. When she returned to the hotel she noticed she had some dirt on her elbow. She rejoiced because she considered this to be a blessing from Father Paisios’ tomb. She gathered the dirt and put it in a little box she had and then went to bed. When she woke up in the morning she saw that a lily had grown from the dirt in the box. Who planted the seed? Who watered it?

God offers us such things in these times of doubt and disbelief so that we can discover His Grace. That is why, I beg you, take the matter of the salvation of your soul seriously! Our life goes by fast, our life is a dream! We shall leave! We are mere guests here. It is like being in a camp. We stay there for fifteen days and then we leave. The same happens with this life here. We shall leave this world. Blessed and thricely blessed is the man who contemplates the unseen, who contemplates and yearns for the unseen through his righteous life!

Translated  by Claudia


Nothing in life is accidental. God arranges everything as He desires and to match our needs, so that no step in our life is without importance. I convinced myself of this after I started to believe in miracles. Not because until then I didn’t, but I had a rather superficial belief, I used to amaze myself at hearing about them, but I didn’t see them as being a part of my own life.
However, life has proven me the opposite….
In time, as I got closer to God, He, from His great goodness, filled every day in my life with a lot of beautiful things, and all that without me even asking for them. He gave me wonders I didn’t expect. And what’s really amazing is that I bumped into them every single day.
My life had taken a great turn, I started to feel God and His Mother near me in every single moment, They helped me when I called for them. Later, I became even more courageous, and I let myself guided by His will, asking Him to place my steps towards the righteous way. I really couldn’t describe the deep peace which started to harbor in my soul, and the sweetness that was in my heart in those moment of godly happiness.
Not a lot of time passed and I started to ask him some things which before I thought they were impossible. And, indeed, no prayer, no desire was ignored. Whether I asked for an earthly thing, or for one of the soul, I would immediately receive it. I only needed to call His name in faith, and the wonder would take place. I didn’t think I was capable of some things, I used to see me powerless in their face, but God’s mercy came to help me.
A very special place in my soul was occupied by the wonders of the Holy Virgin, to whom I always ran when I had problems. These are really indescribable. There were too many and too beautiful (and they still are) to be able to include them in a few words. I thought that some day I would write a book about this. But what’s sure is that She, from Her infinite love, saved me both from despair and from trouble, and from my powerlessness and even from that for many times.
A few words, while crying, spoken before her Holy Icon made me receive Her help, which I desired so much, but deserved so little. I know for sure that many are those who felt the help of our Good Empress in many moments of their lives.
Today I accustomed myself to the wonders, to “the impossible” that can come true in any moment. Because, “to God, everything is possible.” His infinite mercy which he sends us in every moment and unconditionally in our lives never ceases to amaze me.
Many times, I throw an eye at the past and I see my life differently. It’s as if my mind is open and now I understand why things went that way and not differently. And today I can see many “simple questions” as something really special, that brought a change in my life. I convinced myself of one thing: wonders existed, exist and will exist as long as we show faith, obedience and love towards God, our Creator.
Every man’s life is full of wonders, but in order to feel them we need to see God’s will in everything, His infinite power with which He works in our lives, for our salvation.
Let’s keep our eyes open, because it is in these miraculous events that we can get to know God, Who is always present in our lives. Because He is our Life…

Translated by Costin Matei

Immediately came the help from St. Nectarios

Last year, following a surgery that, initially, did not appear to be a complication (Involving removal of a lymphoma – a benign tumor located under the skin. A lymphoma is consisted of cells that produce fat, that gather together in little bunches, or as an elastic ball, they do not present any danger and they are not treated as an emergency; their removal is done in case of physical discomfort or for esthetics purpose – diagnosis establish after an RMN), my husband was diagnosed with lipomixosarcom. Once hearing the diagnosis from the biopsy, being scared, we asked ourselves: “Why?”

Scrolling our lives, we remember that before our wedding ceremony, asking for forgiveness of our sins to the father confessor, he told us that after the wedding we must return to him in order to give us a penance for our spiritual recuperation, since we lived a long time in sin, unmarried. After the wedding, we remained careless to the invitation of the priest, and we found very fast the answer to our questions. We sinned too much! (So we thought then!)

Once we realized the mistake committed before God, we went to the father confessor, we confessed and we received, together, the same penance that we had to fulfill six months ago. On the same day of confession I told father confessor about my husband’s diagnosis, adn I asked him: „What can I do for helping my husband!”, and he told me: „Do you see all this people here? Come here Wednesday or Friday, for seven weeks, to pray as the this people here do, totally fasting until 7 PM in each of these days… You’ll see that he will heal!”

Immediately we started to fulfill our penance got from the father confessor and we started the seven prayers. During this time, we started to read spiritual books and we realized that God Lord blessed us with this trial for our salvation. We realized that we are not alone, that God, in his great mercy, gives us strength and guidance to go on His way. After two more prayers, God arranged that a team of three doctors to review the biopsy and to establish a new diagnosis of cancer, not as aggressive as the first one- fibromixosarcom. We continued to pray. I must tell you that after the surgery, my husband remained with a permanent discomfort, not too painful, but noticeable, located in the surged area. Having such a diagnosis, although at the beginning not willing to make any kind of treatment, the Good God “has prepared” everything: extraordinary doctors and radiotherapy solutions that did not put in danger the adjacent area from the surgery. We also prayed to St. Hierarch Nectarios to intercede to God my husband’s healing, we went to Radu Voda Monastery from Bucharest and we took holly oil from the candle that watches the relics of St. Nectarios.

Every evening I oiled my husband’s with this oil, making the Holy Cross sign above it, and praying to St. Nectarie and to God. Just before the 7th day of prayer (the last one), when my husband returned from a car trip, at a certain moment, someone took his pain. The pain disappeared like magic!!! He called me and, gripped by a strong emotion, we thanked God together for everything! It’s hard to say that he is totally healed, but I think that God gives us time for using it with the purpose of salvation.  It is been a year and a half form since, and the disease did not reappear. Immediately was the help of St. Hierarch Nectarios from Eghina. In the same time with appearance and growing of tumor that has been removed by surgery, another one appeared in my husband’s mouth. Worried about the first diagnosis and not finding a doctor to take care of its removal, the tumor remained only in the care of St. Nectarios, being oiled, every evening, with holy oil from the his candle. I was praying every time, thinking that I ask for the impossible, but hoping that God, through his Saints will make a miracle, making the tumor from my husband’s mouth disappear.

After six months of oiling the tumor and saying the same prayer, the miracle happened. It was the eve of St. Hierarch Nectarios celebration, 8th November, when, just before going to pray to St. Nectarios relics, chewing something, the tumor broke down, remaining hung in a thread. We got scared and personally, I decided that if my husband doesn’t want to go to the relics, I’ll go alone, being compulsory for me/us to pray to St. Nectarie and to thank for listening to my prayers. Feeling the same pleasant “obligation” my husband prepared several bandages (the bleeding was strong) and we went together to the holy relics.

Thanking to St. Hierarch Nectarie, we returned home with the thought that on the first Monday after the weekend to contact a doctor for removing the tumor. We could not wait any more.  During the night of 8-9th November, my husband, feeling in his mouth something like a rest from food, intending to chew it or to swallow it, he thought that it is something like a “rubber” and he throw it, putting it on the nightstand. He continued his sleep, not being fully awake. Next day in the morning, we realized that it wasn’t a remnant of food, but the tumor that he carried in his mouth for six months. We were amazed, excited and scared. I must say that I enjoyed very much seeing what my husband showed me very scared. I told him that this is a miracle made by St. Nectarios: „What other clearer proof to give use? “I prayed all the time as the tumor to be removed from that location and here is it: in the eve of its celebration he removed it without any medical intervention. We will do the biopsy, but I am sure that the result it will be good. Believe me, this is what I feel”

We went to an ENT doctor for giving us an opinion about the location of the tumor; he found that it still remained a very small piece of tumor, which was sent to biopsy; the result of the biopsy was very good (no cell cancer). One hour after the medical intervention, my husband called me for telling me: ”Do you know how it looked like the place of the tumor? It is incredible! No longer knowing it, it’s perfectly closed, even the color is the same. You can easily say that it was nothing there!”

Thank you Saint Hierarch Nectarios for help!. We found out on our own that the power of prayer is huge, that any trouble that God gives us is just a trial that we must receive it with our open souls and with faith that everything it is sent from above for our soul’s salvation and we must learn to have patience and hope as God, from his love, will not allow us to be alone and together with the prayers of Mary, His Blessed Mother and of all the saints, we can enjoy this life and especially the eternal life, in the kingdom of God. Praise God forever!

(Maria, Bucharest, 2008)

(Source: St Nectarie – Miracles from Romania – Egumenita Publishing)

A miracle of Saint Demetrios Basarabov

“I am a gynecologist surgeon for nearly two decades and have long lived in peace and plenty! Since 1999, my life was given over the head of the blue …

In one night, I dreamed a lot of newborns who seemed to swim in a giant aquarium, located right in my face, and appeared to choke, because they desperately fell the wall of glass looking for an exit. I can never forget those big and desperate eyes steering to me!

Starting with the next day, a couple of trouble exploded into my existence that brought me on the verge of despair. My wife was diagnosed a breast cancer and underwent an operation that has crippled it. In a short time, my son – high school then – confessed in a suspicious manner that owes a large sum of money to someone and that his life could be in danger if he does not pay his debts. I ‘ve found very quickly that he was addicted to heroin and because of that he was borrowing money more often, to pay doses. After a week my car was stolen – a Volkswagen Passat brand-new – haven’t had time to insure it for theft. And for my life to become completely dark, our spacious villa was partly destroyed by a fire …

I was simply overwhelmed!

Although I was a relatively faithful man, not too frequent to the churches, I thought suddenly to climb the Patriarchate hill, for my despair summit coincided with the day of Oct. 27, when the pilgrimage to Saint Dimitrie Basarabov relics is. In the hours while I waited in line, I prayed silently, asking the Saint what I was doing wrong that so much misfortune, at once, collapsed on my head, and what was to be done. When I got in front of the relics, I couldn’t think to nothing … I just burst out crying and I couldn’t stop than later, after I descended the hill.

Well, please believe me that the next night I dreamed of Saint Demetrios. He was speaking with great gentleness, revealing my truth that I ignored it entirely, as I was a scoundrel! He said that those newborns that I saw in the dream in a number of 187 children. Those children’s never saw the world, because of the curettage I made to their mothers at their request, and received a lot of money, wrongly, in exchange for these crimes. Saint Demetrios continued speak with the same gentleness, clarifying things that if I continue to commit such baby kills, misfortunes will come often and often. Moreover, He asked me to christen a number of children equal to that of the baby’s that I killed with my hands, warning me that: “You will see what will happen if can take to an end such a good deed! And not to sin again…. “

From the second day, I never made any curettage and I won my existence from consultations, births or surgery which helped the coming into the world of children. At the time, I started with my wife in orphanages, accompanied by the priest from the parish in November, christening at least one child every month!

I want to tell you that things have taken a completely different way in my life … Today, after five years, my wife feels good, even if he has lost a breast, and my son, after completing high school, asked me to help him to go to a rehab clinic. It is now fully healed. Medical tests prove that my wife is out of the danger and cancer was removed. We restored the house, with hard efforts, but thoroughly, and – strikingly for a sinner like me – our cash earnings have not declined very much, in the absence curettages! I became  a man of true belieth who has understood, even in the last minute, that everything is paid in life, as far as the facts of evil, but equally, it is retributive in life, as far as good deeds.
See how God works through His saints? Saint Demetrios Basarabov hasn’t made a “normal” wonder like spectacular saving me from a car accident. He opened my mind and helped me to save, by my own facts. ”

ALEX I. specialist surgeon obstetrics and gynecology – Bucharest, Romania.