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Caraiman Monastery – a superb monastery in the Romanian mountains

Monday, when we came back from Brasov (Romania) we thought we should stop at Sinaia Monastery but we change our mind because we visit it several times, and we said to go to the Caraiman monastery.

We haven’t been here for a long time, and I knew that is under construction. When I was a few years ago was just the wooden church.


Today a large church, beautiful and imposing, was built in the courtyard of the monastery.

To get here, at the entry into Busteni we turned right as we were coming from Brasov (left as you come from Bucharest) on a bad road following the sign.

The road was climbing through a beautiful forest, the air was clean and a little cold, a smell of fresh savin was in the air, Here and there small rural houses, 3 children running on the road with their bike, cut logs were lying on the road and the sun was shining nice and warm.

The road ends with a nice gladeright at the foot of the Cross Caraiman. The entrance is through a gate in maramuresean  style, and in the court you could see the beautiful new church, large and imposing like a vessel ready to bear us to God.

It’s so beautiful, far from noise and hustle of the world, in the middle of the mountains, blue sky …

On entering the church there are two paintings in the mosaic.

Inside only the iconostasis is completed.

It’s a beautiful place, a calming and relaxing, a place where you can meet with God in the courtyard of the monastery and in the middle of the mountains.

(Balan Claudiu)