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Alone Before Christ


Sometimes I feel lonely and abandoned and no one can help me… not even the saints… I am all alone with Christ, it’s just me face to face with Christ, just my being and Christ, just my sins and Christ… I have a feeling of loneliness before the Supreme Being, I can feel my helplessness before the Immensity, therefore the feeling of loneliness… and truly there is no one that can help me…

And although I can feel He is not far away from me, I have the feeling that none of us can get closer to the other… It feels like that moment when I will stand alone before Him and nobody will be able to help me, it feels like the day of the Final Judgment is only moments away and yet I am not terrified, but torn by my own loneliness, I feel completely forsaken and helpless before my own perverted nature.

And yet I wonder, why should I be afraid in my relationship with Christ? I think it is because I can feel the falsehood of my own life, my countless betrayals of His kindness… I can feel my mocking of Him… what else could I expect of Him after giving Him so much of my wickedness? Countless offences, countless betrayals… It is that feeling we have when we offend someone greater than us who loves us and we know they do and we wait for their decision to be made: will they forgive us again or is this the last time we see their face?

And I feel all of that because I want to love Him as well, I want to reply to His heartbreaking calling: Man, I love you unboundedly! But I remain the same traitor, hardhearted and helpless in my desire to reach Him, to touch Him… I wish I were able to feel His presence all the time, to stand by Him, to endure because I am aware He is right next to me…


Translated by Claudia


Love the Lord Your God with All Your Heart

  1. During this week follow the footsteps of our Lord Jesus Christ and always be by His side, unlike His judges and tormentors. And love Him with all your heart.
  2. Travel spiritually back to those days and events and kiss the lap and sleeves of His robe. Don’t turn your heart away from Him. When you hear his persecutors whispering: “He is guilty!”, shout into their ears: “He is just!” Love the One Who loves you with all your heart!
  3. When the Jews slap Him, hold out your hand to defend Him and get slapped in His place. When they spit in His face, tell them: “What will you throw at one another’s faces, spitters, if you use your spit, your entire being against Him?”
  4. When Pilate asks our Lord Who remaines silent: “What is the truth?”, confess by saying: “Behold, He is the embodied living divine Truth”. When the Roman soldiers flog Him, stay by His side and tell the beasts: You wolves, eternal bearers of death, stop flogging the Lamb of God Who bears and gives life to your kingdom of death.
  5. Follow Him on the Way to Calvary and bear His Cross together with Simon of Cyrene and wipe away the dust and blood from His face together with the blessed Veronica. Mourn and wet his parched lips with a glass of cold water together with the Myrrh-bearing women and cool his hot forehead. Give Him your whole heart and love Him with all your heart during His hours of humiliation.
  6. When you hear the hammer pounding at His Most Precious Hands, yell: “Ow!” When they nail His Most Precious Feet to the Cross, lament again as if the iron pierced your own body.
  7. Worship His Most Holy Mother and kiss the lap and sleeves of Her garments. Don’t say anything to Her. Don’t ask Her anything. Bow down once more to Her holy pain. And once more to Her holy silence. Say to yourself: “Most Venerable Mother, I also love Him with all my heart.”
  8. Take your heart out and put it in His body and forget about yourself. Be inside Him and withstand everything He withstands and die to yourself entirely. Die before He does.
  9. When Joseph and Nikodemus deliver Him to the Tomb, strive to be with Him in the Tomb. Imagine you are not alive for this world. Stay like a shadow somewhere close to His Tomb and regard your own life as being laid down in His Tomb. And death with Him and in Him will become sweet to you, very sweet.
  10. How much sweeter will the resurrection with Him and in Him be, when the angels will shine upon you at the Tomb on the third day? The Emperor’s soldiers walk ahead of Him and their faces are like burning lightning and their garments are white as snow. And when God’s angels will shine in the darkness at Golgotha and the darkness in your soul, you will feel like a new man.
  11. And when you will gaze at the Wonder of Wonders shivering and not know whether to hide or flee or show yourself to Him, behold! He will be the First to draw close to you and call you by your name like He did Mary. And when He will call you with His voice, a new life, a new power, a new flow will pervade your being like an electric wire. And He will give you your heart back and will also give you His. And you will fall at His Feet shivering and yell while sighing like Thomas: “My Lord and my God, glory to You!”

Bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you. (Luke 6:28)

Do not judge, and you will not be judged. Do not condemn, and you will not be condemned. Forgive, and you will be forgiven. (Luke 6:37)

A good man brings good things out of the good stored up in his heart, and an evil man brings evil things out of the evil stored up in his heart. For the mouth speaks what the heart is full of. (Luke 6:45)

For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through Him. (John 3:17)

Hatred stirs up conflict, but love covers over all wrongs. (Proverbs 10:12)


(Saint Nicholas Velimirović – The heart during Lent)

Translated by Claudia

What Is Humility?


There is a lot o40688f talk about humility, but what is humility? How do we achieve it? How do we know if we have achieved it or not? What is the use of being humble?

Our Lord Jesus Christ said to us: “Come to Me you all who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest. Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me for I am gentle and humble in heart and you will find rest for your souls. For My yoke is easy and My burden is light.” (Matthew 11:28-30)

It is clear what use humility is, as the humble and meek man finds rest for his soul, he escapes from the torment of all the passions and worries that burden and tire him. Due to humility and meekness the heavy burden of this world is left aside and the yoke and burden of the Lord are taken upon, the yoke being good and easy to bear.

But what can all this mean in practice? What are this yoke and this burden? How are we supposed to take them upon us? The Lord tells us: “Learn from Me”. Let us learn from Him, Who bore all our crosses, all our burdens before us. He bore them with humility and meekness, always doing the will of the Heavenly Father, always speaking and working only what He would see and receive from the Father. This is the yoke which is easy to bear and gives rest to the souls, doing the will of the Heavenly Father.

The first commandment is to love the Lord with all your heart and all your strength. And how do we better show our love for Him, if not by working what is pleasing to Him? The same way the Lord Christ did all His life? Humility is doing what is pleasing to God, giving up what we like if we know that He does not like that. Do we do this? Do we ask ourselves every step of the way: “Is what I am doing right now pleasing to God?” And if we feel that it is not, do we have the strength to give up our will in order to bring a little joy to God?

Is God truly alive and present in our lives through what we do out of love for Him or do we constantly push Him aside from our lives telling Him that we know better what to do for our own good? This is where humility steps in… We do our own will so often, but how often do we give it up in order to bring a joy to the Lord, to show Him that we love Him more than we love ourselves? We say it, but do we also show it through our deeds? Well, it is not that easy to show it through deeds because it requires humility and meekness, which are hard to achieve by those who love themselves more than anything else. And unfortunately this is where I often stand, as well, through my deeds, though I say something different… But look what the reward is for this assay: “you will find rest for your souls” and whoever tried at least once to renounce their own will out of love for God, know that this is true, they receive great comfort, peace and rest…

And the question remains: how do we achieve humility if, as we can see, we are a bunch of stubborn heads and we keep on doing what we usually do, we are a bunch of cowards and we keep on doing what we usually do, we are unworthy and we keep on doing what we usually do. How do we exit this vicious cycle?

The answer always comes from the Lord: “Ask and you shall receive”… prayer… we ask for humility and we shall achieve it! How? That is something that only God knows for each person individually, He knows how to work with each heart, He arranges everything that is necessary in one’s life so as to achieve humility, all they have to do is ask for it… Let us ask for humility unceasingly, let us ask for the strength to renounce our own will in order to be able to love, for the love for God makes His yoke easy and His burden so light… Love gives us wings! Let us ask from God to teach us how to love Him, to give us love for Him, because we can do nothing apart from Him… This is humility…

Praised be the Lord!

Translated by Claudia

The Nativity Fast – A Fast of Gifts

The Nativity Fast has begun. Unlike the Great Lent, which is nasterea-domnuluia particularly ascetic fast, a fast which primarily invites us to leave our bodily passions and pleasures, a severe fast, the Nativity Fast is a gentler fast, an easier fast, it is a fast of gifts.

It is a fast during which we learn how to give, we learn not to forsake the poor, those living on the streets, the sick, those in prison, the elderly in retirement homes, orphans and all those who suffer.

As they beautifully say, December is the month of gifts giving, though not because the stores are filled with all kinds of things, but because the Lord gave us a great gift by becoming Man like us, by being born of the Most Pure Virgin Mary so that we can become gods like Him.

This is a fast of gifts because the wise men came to baby Jesus and brought Him gifts to show that they welcomed Him with joy, as He was indeed God from heaven. We also must bring Him beautiful gifts like the wise men. But what kind of gifts does God like?

He likes it when there is love among people, He likes goodwill among us, He likes the joy and light on our faces when we are all like a family.

God would like us to feed the hungry, to give warm clothes to those who sleep out in the cold, a kind word to those who are sad, a smile to those who are upset.

„The King will reply: ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.”

Have a profitable fast!

(Balan Claudiu)

Translated by Claudia


They say the hearts that love each other recognize one another

Today the Church commemorates Saints Adrian and his wife Natalia.

They say that the hearts that love each other recognize one another. The hearts that love Christ are brought together. Christ is within them and they live and beat for Christ. Saints Adrian and Natalia are an example for me.

I wish Christ and His Holy Mother gave me a husband who truly loves me, but above all, who loves Christ. I think this is the secret of a happy marriage: making Christ the center of your relationship and all the other things will be given to you as well.

 Saint Martyrs Adrian and Natalia pray to the Lord Christ and His Holy Mother, so that we achieve happy marriages in the Lord!

‘It didn’t matter for Saints Adrian and Natalia that they had just been married for one year and one month! Nor did it matter that they were young and had their whole lives ahead! Nor did it matter that they hadn’t become ‘accomplished’ as a family by having any babies! Nor did it matter that they loved each other very much! What did matter for them at the time of persecution? Only one ‘thing’: CHRIST! It was for Him that they brought sacrifice, that is what had crowned truly and perfectly fulfilled their love! They loved Christ above all things! And they were not super-humans, they were not ‘predestined’ to become saints!’

Translated by Claudia

The truth is not relative, the truth is Christ

Some say that the truth is relative, in that it may be once in a way, once in another way, and that there is nothing clear, nothing settled, nothing set in stone, but everything is changing
But let’s see what the word “relative” means in the Dictionary:

1. What concerns, relate to something or someone, which is related to something or someone.

2. Which has a value dependent on certain conditions, a reference system

3. Which depends on a term in the absence of which would be meaningless?

4. Which exists only in relation to something else.

Therefore the adjective “relative” bounded with “truth” does not show that truth is undefined, or as anybody wants. It means that the truth is related to someone or something and must be in connection with something or someone. “Relative Truth” claimed by some shows that may not exist by itself, but must depend on a system of reference and alone (relative truth) would be meaningless.

Very often we ask ourselves “What is truth? Where is the truth?

Everybody wants to know the truth, about those around them, about their lives, about anything. All we want to know how things really are, right? All we know is that behind every human action is a motivation, is a desire. Everybody knows that nobody makes things by chance, but each seeks something. But who can know the heart and mind of everybody?

Those who say that “truth is relative” realize that nothing is there by itself, nothing is self-sufficient (everything is created, everything is finite, everything appears and disappears, is born and dies, it is manufactured and passes away, rusts, rots and vanishes …).

Not even the laws of physics are 100% valid in any place and any time and in any conditions, but always depend on space, time and especially people. Nothing is really 100% but there are always exceptions. Nothing’s unchanged; nothing can exist independently and without relation to something or someone.

If everything is created and it is limited, and nothing is 100% true, then what is true in the end? Or who is true?

Only one who created everything, only the one that exists by itself, which does not depend on anyone and anything, He is true.

Here’s how He, Jesus Christ, God Himself recommends Himself:

“Jesus said to him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.”

The truth is not relative but the truth is personal, the truth is God. All were created by Him, everything exists through His power, and everything is supported by Him, all related to Him.

All the laws of the world, all constitutions, all the worldly rules are efficient for that because He helps that they are respected, namely it helps peoples to love each other. He reveals all, He lets us discover knowledge, wisdom, gentleness, love…. 

“Heaven and earth will pass away, but My words will by no means pass away.”

(Balan Claudiu)

Who is really Jesus?

Many people talk about Jesus, many tell His name without even knowing who is He.

I heard some saying: “Oh Jesus!” or “Jesus Chirst! What’s happening …” and I enjoyed it beacause it was said in a particular way. And I thought…do they realy know who is Jesus? because if they do this is a great thing.

I think most of them don’t go to church and don’t know who Jesus is but they sure heard about Him.

In the beginning I thought that He is a God messenger, but then I heard he was the Son of God and I wondered how God can have a son. But still I thought that Jesus is not like God and I ask God why He doesn’t speak directly with us and send us somebody, because no one could be like Him.

Jesus for those who do not know, is one who has done many miracles. Someone that kept beautiful sermons, who was crucified on the cross for the sins of the people. Those who see him crucified may try feelings of pity and thinking about his weakness and his failure in front of those who have crucified him.
However I think that they ask themselves why is granted so much importance to Him, why all christians speak so much about Jesus.

Why production houses in Hollywood make movies with Jesus?
Why the world is so interested when somone talks about “new discoveries” about Him? Why the books with Jesus are sold so good?

Why do those who write about Jesus life are so advertised and their books are sold in million volumes?

Must be something about this Jesus. Who is Jesus?

Jesus Christ is God. Jesus Christ is God who made himself man to show us that we people can live a beautiful life, one without sin. Although God was a man, remained at the same time in heaven, and on earth living among people. As a woman wearing her coat impregnates it with her parfume, so God making Himself man is impregnating the human being with his holiness.

But the woman is wearing clothes several times and then throw it and get another. God made His self a man in order for the man to become holly as God, but it will not be a time when God will not be a man. He will be a man in eternity. Jesus Chirst is the God-Man. He is in the same time God and Man, but beeing only one person.

Jesus Christ is the Son of God, but is God himself. How so?

God is One and being threefold in persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

The fire is a single entity but emits heat, light and flame that burns material at the same time.
The fire is one but is actually three: is burning (flame), is heat but is light too.
The flame who burns wood is fire, the heat of fire which warms the house is fire, and the light emited by fire is fire too, and yet there aren’t three types of fires, but one.

So Father is God, God’s Son is God and Holy Spirit is God, but is only one God, but three persons.
Father is not greater than the Son and no greater than the Holy Spirit. Neither Son is not greater then Holy Spirit and Father. Neither the Holy Spirit is bigger then the Father or the Son.

Father and Son and Holy Spirit are equal, no one is bigger than another, neither stronger then another,  but together are God. Fire heat is not better than its light and the power of flame then its heat.
Heat fire and light and flame fire are all together fire. Like fire, Father and Son and Holy Spirit are God together.

Jesus is really God that we know and that we fear. Son of God made man to show us that man was created by Him not to tramble in dissipation and in fright but to get to be like the One who created him.

That’s why everyone is talking about Him, why is so advertised… that’s why the polemics and argues about him are so attractive because he is God!

If you want to read the life and wonders of Jesus Christ, our God, here on earth it can be found here: Gospel of Matthew. There are only 30 or so pages.

There are four Gospels and all tell the life of Jesus, each relating the same moments in the same story of his life. The Gosples can be found in the Bible in the second half of them in the New Testament.

(Balan Claudiu)