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Is the abortion justified in case of fetal malformations or in case of a rape?

Why not to abort if I know that my baby will be born with malformations or if he’s resulted from a rape? Is abortion a sin in such extreme situations?

Here are two hard questions that stirs the mind of any christian in this world.

What do we do when we get the heavy news that our future child has been diagnosed as suffering from a congenital abnormality or a syndrome?

The main argument to accept the abortion as a solution is that the child mustn’t lead a life of torment and failures. The second pro-abortion argument is that such a news would destroy the joy of parenthood.

Firstly, to give the answers that are the true solutions to these so delicate problems,we have to be honest with ourselves. When we plan to take an abortion decision of our own child diagnosed with a malformation, for who we really want to make this decision that we consider good ? For the happiness of the baby (not to live a life of torment), or for our own sake, because we don’t want to lead a life of worryness? Continue reading