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Trust that you will be given whatever you ask of Saint Nektarios with faith

My name is Milioara Avarvarei and God arranged for me bisericasfnectarie1to be the wife of a priest. In this article I want to share with everybody how much good Saint Nektarios can do in any problem no matter how insignificant. So far, Saint Nektarios has performed two miracles in our family:

My husband and I wanted very badly to have at least one more child (we already have two wonderful children aged 15 and 12 named Maria and Ciprian) because God gives us a gift through every child.

Due to God’s economy, our godsons from Alba who are very devout gave us a small part of the holy relics of Saint Nektarios. This is how we came to know him. We read the book about his life and we began to pray to him together with our two children, who have this wonderful saint as their wonderful friend and grandfather who understands them in all of their problems.

We also decided to visit the Monastery of the Holy Trinity on the island of Aegina and pray by the coffin with the holy relics. With his holy relics. We arrived in Aegina on the 2nd of February 2011. There we prayed to the saint with faith so that he would offer us a child and we promised to name the child Nectarie / Nectaria. The main reason we went to Aegina was to ask the Saint to heal my husband (Father Dumitru) of his hepatitis C which we had learned of 6 months before – in July 2010.

I cannot describe in words what we felt at the Saint’s monastery. The first miracle the Saint performed with us occurred right there in Aegina. When we left the monastery it was raining heavily and we had to call two taxis to drive us to the ferryboat (we were 6 people, 3 priests with their wives). We knew that the ferryboat was not supposed to leave for another hour because that is what we had read on the schedule posted in the harbour and we had enough time to get there. Talking about this and that, my husband who speaks English talked to the taxi driver and told him we were going to catch the ferryboat which was leaving in an hour. When he heard, the driver grabbed his phone and called a friend of his on the ferryboat and asked him to wait for us for 5 minutes until we got there. We concluded that the schedule was wrong and due to Saint Nektarios’ arrangement we arrived in time, otherwise we would have waited in the rain and cold for another 4-5 hours, until the next ferryboat.

During the first month after the Great Lent, the Lord arranged for me to get pregnant through the intercession of Saint Nektarios. I am now nine months pregnant and about to deliver my baby Nectarie (according to the ultrasound it is a boy). As for my husband’s illness, I can confess that his treatment with interferon was approved and after 3 months of treatment, his viremia tests came back undetectable. God and His saints work through people. Trust that you will be given whatever you ask of Saint Nektarios with faith. We are aware that we are unworthy of all the gifts that God has bestowed upon us through the intercession of His Most Pure Mother and of Saint Nektarios.

Praise to You, Lord, praise to You!

(Milioara Avarvarei)

Translated by Claudia