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What Is Humility?


There is a lot o40688f talk about humility, but what is humility? How do we achieve it? How do we know if we have achieved it or not? What is the use of being humble?

Our Lord Jesus Christ said to us: “Come to Me you all who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest. Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me for I am gentle and humble in heart and you will find rest for your souls. For My yoke is easy and My burden is light.” (Matthew 11:28-30)

It is clear what use humility is, as the humble and meek man finds rest for his soul, he escapes from the torment of all the passions and worries that burden and tire him. Due to humility and meekness the heavy burden of this world is left aside and the yoke and burden of the Lord are taken upon, the yoke being good and easy to bear.

But what can all this mean in practice? What are this yoke and this burden? How are we supposed to take them upon us? The Lord tells us: “Learn from Me”. Let us learn from Him, Who bore all our crosses, all our burdens before us. He bore them with humility and meekness, always doing the will of the Heavenly Father, always speaking and working only what He would see and receive from the Father. This is the yoke which is easy to bear and gives rest to the souls, doing the will of the Heavenly Father.

The first commandment is to love the Lord with all your heart and all your strength. And how do we better show our love for Him, if not by working what is pleasing to Him? The same way the Lord Christ did all His life? Humility is doing what is pleasing to God, giving up what we like if we know that He does not like that. Do we do this? Do we ask ourselves every step of the way: “Is what I am doing right now pleasing to God?” And if we feel that it is not, do we have the strength to give up our will in order to bring a little joy to God?

Is God truly alive and present in our lives through what we do out of love for Him or do we constantly push Him aside from our lives telling Him that we know better what to do for our own good? This is where humility steps in… We do our own will so often, but how often do we give it up in order to bring a joy to the Lord, to show Him that we love Him more than we love ourselves? We say it, but do we also show it through our deeds? Well, it is not that easy to show it through deeds because it requires humility and meekness, which are hard to achieve by those who love themselves more than anything else. And unfortunately this is where I often stand, as well, through my deeds, though I say something different… But look what the reward is for this assay: “you will find rest for your souls” and whoever tried at least once to renounce their own will out of love for God, know that this is true, they receive great comfort, peace and rest…

And the question remains: how do we achieve humility if, as we can see, we are a bunch of stubborn heads and we keep on doing what we usually do, we are a bunch of cowards and we keep on doing what we usually do, we are unworthy and we keep on doing what we usually do. How do we exit this vicious cycle?

The answer always comes from the Lord: “Ask and you shall receive”… prayer… we ask for humility and we shall achieve it! How? That is something that only God knows for each person individually, He knows how to work with each heart, He arranges everything that is necessary in one’s life so as to achieve humility, all they have to do is ask for it… Let us ask for humility unceasingly, let us ask for the strength to renounce our own will in order to be able to love, for the love for God makes His yoke easy and His burden so light… Love gives us wings! Let us ask from God to teach us how to love Him, to give us love for Him, because we can do nothing apart from Him… This is humility…

Praised be the Lord!

Translated by Claudia



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