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The Nativity Fast – A Fast of Gifts

The Nativity Fast has begun. Unlike the Great Lent, which is nasterea-domnuluia particularly ascetic fast, a fast which primarily invites us to leave our bodily passions and pleasures, a severe fast, the Nativity Fast is a gentler fast, an easier fast, it is a fast of gifts.

It is a fast during which we learn how to give, we learn not to forsake the poor, those living on the streets, the sick, those in prison, the elderly in retirement homes, orphans and all those who suffer.

As they beautifully say, December is the month of gifts giving, though not because the stores are filled with all kinds of things, but because the Lord gave us a great gift by becoming Man like us, by being born of the Most Pure Virgin Mary so that we can become gods like Him.

This is a fast of gifts because the wise men came to baby Jesus and brought Him gifts to show that they welcomed Him with joy, as He was indeed God from heaven. We also must bring Him beautiful gifts like the wise men. But what kind of gifts does God like?

He likes it when there is love among people, He likes goodwill among us, He likes the joy and light on our faces when we are all like a family.

God would like us to feed the hungry, to give warm clothes to those who sleep out in the cold, a kind word to those who are sad, a smile to those who are upset.

„The King will reply: ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.”

Have a profitable fast!

(Balan Claudiu)

Translated by Claudia