Who am I to God?


When I am asked: ‘Who are you?’ the first reply that comes to mind is: ‘For whom?’

Compared to time, my life is not even a mere spark, to the world I am not even a mere grain of sand, to some I am a face, to few I have a name as well. To my dear ones, I am someone dear to them, but who am I to God?cine sunt

In order to learn this, let us see what He has done for me. He has made the air I breathe, the earth with each blade of grass I tread on, the beauty hidden in each dewdrop, the wonderful people around me, my body which operates like an almost perfect machine, without my knowing at all how that happens, my soul which makes my flesh alive, my life itself which my mother and father, no matter how much they wanted, couldn’t have given it to me without His will, He died and resurrected… all this for my sake.

Hence, my answer to the question: ‚Who are you?’ is: ‚In all modesty, I am THE APPLE OF GOD’S EYE, like every other human being.’

If we saw every moment of our lives as a declaration of love on His part, we would stop humiliating ourselves by committing sin, and we would do everything in our power to humble ourselves by doing His will, even if in order to do that, perhaps we sometimes have to struggle with ourselves.

(Cătălina Felicanu)

Translated by Claudia







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