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Let us learn from animals

I love animals because they help me realize how much God loves us. Every being on this Earth has a purpose 2748693-lgof its own and each one of them can teach us something. Have you noticed how happy a child is when he plays with a puppy? How he smiles and how much love he offers to the puppy… this is nothing less than a gift from God meant to make us feel happy alongside His creation.

He wanted us not to be lonely, He gave us numerous friends but most of all He stands by us, He is our support when we cry, smiles when we laugh… rejoices when we offer love to our neighbor, He rejoices and comes closer to our soul.

The wonderful animals are also our ‚neighbors’… A female wolf loves all its pups and nurtures them all, protects them at the expense of her life… she doesn’t complain for having three, five or seven pups, she keeps quiet and feeds them all, she teaches them how to survive and offers them its love. When a woman becomes pregnant, due to the fact that either she already has a child, or she is not married or she is too young to have children or she has no financial means… she thinks whether to keep the baby or not… she considers her career, the money or her beauty.

In most cases many of them give up the little being inside them, some others keep it and find joy in watching them grow up. Animals don’t do that… and they are God’s creation just like we are. A bitch would give her life for its pup… the goose defends its goslings carefully, it even warns us from a distance to keep away from them.

Let us learn from them how wonderful children offered by God are. Let us learn how useful it is to remain silent sometimes, let us learn to be brave, let us learn to be friendly, let us learn to offer love, let us learn to play, let us learn to be gentle and pure…

There are many days in our lives when we get angry and lash out, let us learn from animals to keep silent. There are moments when we feel lonely, let us learn from worms that nobody is forgotten. There are days when we think that we are not free, let us learn from birds that we can fly, we can lift up, rise, hope through prayer.

Let us learn from flowers to always smile. Have you seen how happy a girl is when she receives flowers? Let us learn from trees to be wise, let us learn from bees to work with pleasure, let us learn from fish not to be caught in the ‚net’ of temptation… let us learn from the ladybug to be tolerant…

Let us give thanks to God for the wonderful gifts, let us thank Him for the sun which rises every morning, for the breathtaking nature, for faithful friends, for all of our dreams, for love, but most of all, for being beside us, close to us, all we need to do is call Him. If you don’t find Him, look for Him among animals… kiss the flowers for they are made by Him, pet a puppy with love, take your friend’s hand and tell them you’ve missed them… lie down in the grass and let yourselves caressed by the sun… that is where the kind Lord is!

(Oana Cristina)

Translated by Claudia


Who am I to God?


When I am asked: ‘Who are you?’ the first reply that comes to mind is: ‘For whom?’

Compared to time, my life is not even a mere spark, to the world I am not even a mere grain of sand, to some I am a face, to few I have a name as well. To my dear ones, I am someone dear to them, but who am I to God?cine sunt

In order to learn this, let us see what He has done for me. He has made the air I breathe, the earth with each blade of grass I tread on, the beauty hidden in each dewdrop, the wonderful people around me, my body which operates like an almost perfect machine, without my knowing at all how that happens, my soul which makes my flesh alive, my life itself which my mother and father, no matter how much they wanted, couldn’t have given it to me without His will, He died and resurrected… all this for my sake.

Hence, my answer to the question: ‚Who are you?’ is: ‚In all modesty, I am THE APPLE OF GOD’S EYE, like every other human being.’

If we saw every moment of our lives as a declaration of love on His part, we would stop humiliating ourselves by committing sin, and we would do everything in our power to humble ourselves by doing His will, even if in order to do that, perhaps we sometimes have to struggle with ourselves.

(Cătălina Felicanu)

Translated by Claudia