God's love

God Loves You No Matter What


‘The Lord greatly loves the repenting sinner and mercifully presses him to His bosom: where were you, My child? I was waiting a long time for you!’ (Saint Silouan)

It doesn’t matter

It doesn’t matter if you are fat or slim – you are beautiful no matter what and you are loved the way you are,

it doesn’t matter if you have a thin long nose or a small and bumpy nose – you are beautiful no matter what and you are loved the way you are,

it doesn’t matter if you have black, brown, red, white or blond hair – you are beautiful no matter what and you are loved the way you are,

it doesn’t matter if you have green or black eyes,

it doesn’t matter if you are tall or short,

you are beautiful no matter what and you are loved the way you are.

The Lord made you a wonderful creature and He loves you so much,

that He dies for your sake, He lays down His life on the Cross for you.

It doesn’t matter if you have designer clothes or not.

it doesn’t matter if you have a 35-room villa or a shack,

or if you sleep in a train station or at an expensive hotel,

it doesn’t matter if you are a college graduate, have a PhD or just a high school or elementary school graduate,

in order to be loved by God,

God loves you no matter what.

It doesn’t matter if you are a bank manager or a janitor,

what matters is to have God in your soul, to always call upon Him in your life.

All the labels others pin on us only matter in one’s mind.

God created man with His hands and He created him beautiful, He planted the longing for beauty, good and truth in his heart.

Everything else is a chasing after the wind if lived without God.
It really doesn’t matter if one is fat or slim, if their bottom is big or scrawny, or if they have pimples – although for some it is the worst disaster, but even so, man can be happy. Why?

Because what matters is to have God in one’s soul.

To be aware of the fact that we depend on Him in everything and to be thankful to Him for all things. This is what matters.


The world

The world steps in and says that you must be in a certain way, wear a certain kind of clothes, wear trendy 5 inch high heel shoes no matter how uncomfortable they are – the story about the emperor’s clothes still applies. The world steps in and says (through ads, shops, magazines) that it is fashionable to wear ripped clothes, to dye your hair and that young people just want ‘to be like their peers’.

But again the world steps in and says ‘back in my days… things were different, young people behaved better, we wouldn’t dare talk so rudely, dress like this… and so on.’ Really?

A little love

Sometimes I happen to hear people talk about the youth as if they were some kind of lepers, scarecrows.

I was once going to the library with a group of cheerful, lively students and a lady on the crosswalk yelled at them with fear of being hit by them! They were just talking and being cheerful! The fear lied only in that lady’s mind…

A retired gentleman was once talking on a bus about a few kids who put their legs up on a park bench and whom he reprimanded and their response wasn’t exactly sugarcoated, but he never mentioned he had prayed for them at least for a moment. He didn’t have one kind word for them and nor did he now, may God enlighten him.

I happened to read a few comments of an elderly lady who started with ‘back in my days…’ and went on saying that ‘she was glad she wasn’t a teenager today because back then there weren’t so many temptations and she was protected from falling into sin and she was also glad she had no daughters to raise today… an so on’. I found her words quite heavy. It was as if she said: ‘thank you, Lord that I am not like the others.’

When our Savior came to this world, the world had fallen into sin to such an extent that it couldn’t have fallen any lower. That is how many sins there were at the time! Christ came, lifted the sins of the world and destroyed them with the power of the cross, with His death and Resurrection. He gave us a weapon to fight against sin, against the devil, He gave us His Cross. Whoever takes up his cross and follows Christ, can do all things. Why then this despair and scorn of the youth? Because he who despairs trusts in himself, not in God Who is Love.

Let us ask ourselves for a moment at least: were the young people given any love? Did they receive love from their mother, from their father, from their grandparents? Were they lovingly pressed to their bosom? If the answer is yes, then thank God, the good seed was planted in their hearts, it just takes patience before the results become visible. But if the answer is no, then don’t scorn them by adding your insult. What is an insult more compared to the ones they have been fed with since they were little? When you speak to them with hatred they won’t respond with kind words.

Give them a little love, be glad they exist and were not dumped in a hospital bin. Who knows perhaps someday one of them will save your life. Rejoice when you see young people entering the church, rejoice when you see young people around you, don’t be afraid of them, love them, pray for them, bless them. Even when you are in the street and see a young girl wearing too little clothes or a young boy with dyed green-violet-blue hair, wearing ripped pants – bought for a lot of money, clothes full of spikes no matter how they look, with long hair covering their eyes from the looks of the others, no matter what they look like, pray for them! They need love so badly!

Your good deed is a deed of almsgiving. If you cannot help them with a warm kind word, at least pray for them in your mind.

God will reward you for all your love.

These young people are our greatest treasure. We should love them.

There are so many young people with clean warm delicate souls!


Translated by Claudia



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