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God’s wonderful work in a bad world

On some Romanian Orthodox blogs, it was an avalanche of articles regarding the end of the world, the new world order, masonry and in general everything that refers to the devil’s work in this world. We have all forgotten, my dear friends that the devil is just a bad dog kept in a leash, that sometimes is let to bark and that it does nothing without its Master’s will.

We  have let ourselves to be tricked in the despair that nothing can be done anymore, that we can’t get out from this evil plan. The devil’s bad work in this world is just a teardrop in the ocean comparing to God’s work in us. Even though we see so many bad things happening everywhere, still we are not aware of  the thousands of great things that God is doing within us.

As the Holy Fathers assure us, our Lord can pull out the greatest good from the strongest evil. We see people sinning but we don’t see them returning to God, we don’t know what can happen to them until their death. We think that many people from this world will end up in hell but we forget that Lord Christ came into this world especially for the sinners, having the precise target of saving them.

No matter how many evil minded plans some of this world’s people might have, no matter how many bad things they want to do, they won’t be stronger than God Who knows their plan even before their birth. If we get scared and believe that devil’s work in the world is stronger than God’s work, we are fooling ourselves and we are falling into a deep temptation.

I don’t want  to believe in a weak God, that leaves the world on its own, in the hands of some cruel, selfish people. I don’t want to believe that the Lord Christ crucified Himself just for a bunch of people, but I want to believe that through His plans and power, the Savior will succeed in getting out many people from devil’s hand.

Here is a testimony that reassures us about the times that will come and which helps us to be more devoted and full of hope in our God:

”Father Neofit, the Hermit, prophesied that there will be thousands who will follow the Secrecy Path of Isolation. The changes of the world will be tough but equally wonderful will be the spiritual revival of many. The Secrecy Path of Isolation will come down from the mountain and caves to the heart of the cities and many young people, apparently ignorant, will wake up to a spiritual life similar to the one it used to be in the past.

This revival will be so wonderful whither death was thought to be ruling! The Holy Spirit will show His power above everything. The Secrecy Work of Isolation will bloom in the desert of many hearts that then will become incarnate heavens(…)The Secrecy Work of Isolation will be the Secrecy of our future world. The history to come will be the most terrible fight between Light and darkness, between the Spirit of life and death. But the power of Light will be so great that will beat all the natural laws! Amen!”


Translated by Lăcrămioara Ticu



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