God's love

The child’s letter to the Father

I am a child. Although I am only 16, I still remain your child. I wrote to You because, as every time, I am sure You will answer me. You always know how to answer me through Your Caress, through Your ceaseless love. I am in the position of the disobedient, impatient, perhaps naive child. I do not follow Your will… or I am not even aware of it. I wish I could understand Your Paths… I wish You could guide me Yourself towards them. Guide me towards the ever-flowing spring of Your endless Love.

I have tried to look at You. My sight cannot pervade beyond Your unapproachable Light. It cannot pervade beyond the Cross of the Holy Altar. I look at You and Your blood washes my thoughts.  I look at You once more, but Your voice captures my attention telling me: „Take, eat, this is My Body which is broken for you for the forgiveness of sins…”. I fall before You for the third time… my cheeks are covered with tears transformed into drops of dew. It is as if my burning words of longing wish to fly towards You.

O, how I wish You could hear me…! How I wish You could see my pain…! But… I am a child unworthy of Your goodness. Unworthy of what I ask of You. Unworthy of what You give me.

What I ask of You is not in vain. You are not indifferent to my words. You are… my Father. And the Father is aware of His child’s torment. I would like to ask You to reprimand me, to scold me for what I do, but… I am stopping here. Your warm goodness and Your overwhelming love greet me every time I enter Your House. I stand up and try to hide the sadness which has dwelled like clay upon my eyes. But You, Lord, put the clay upon the blind man’s eyes and he saw. Make me see Your gifts… see Your Glory and Your Joy. Teach me how to love You as well as my neighbor that You bring across my path. Looking at him, I fall before You again… looking at You and remembering Your command… to love one another. O. Lord, pour out into our hearts the ray of Your joy. Work in our souls guiding our steps towards Your commands. Pour out into them Your Caress…

I am concluding now, but my thought elevates to You.

Give, o, Lord, eternal lily perfume to my warm prayer

Forgive me, I am just Your child…


Translated by Claudia



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