God's love

Solitude versus God

“How alone are we! ” It is the most often used response at this time when anxiety, myriad of concerns, the disability of probing the depths, the removal from our neighbor dominate all social levels. The failure to manage our time favorable turn us into victims of our own actions. The disadvantage of letting ourselves be carried by the wave of now gives us the certainty of a dangerous future, both spiritually and materially.

The great problem of humanity is rendered by the abandonment of God, or His framing under a cultural attribute placed in the “box with values​​” carefully locked, His exclusion rightly forced from this moment or the effective lock of His intervention. Thus, our loneliness will depend only to our will to alienate us from Heaven.

All our desires, thoughts outward least, our plans are known by That Who gave us life. He expects to call Him, to understand, to believe when He promises us something, He expects us to love Him. One of His promises, par excellence, is that “I will not leave you alone, but I will send a Comforter” “I will be with you until the end of time”. What could be more fascinating than friendship, protection, blessing that Jesus gives us in change with our desire to receive Him  in soul?

Everyone’s REFUSAL to recognize Him as God produce the rupture man-Creator God. This rupture is felt through the feeling of being left alone, abandoned and most painful is when you feel your own guilt, the state that is only because of your choice to remain “on your own”. When we understand that this “our own” passes through God, derived from Him (being our Father), we will come to consider ourselves his sons, and any problems we encounter in our journey on earth, we will present Him as to a Father, receiving His divine help that our soul sighs.

În intimitatea cea mai sublimă a fiinţei noastre păstrăm lumina cu care ne-am ivit pe acest pământ. Din lumină ne întreţinem flacăra credinţei, prin ea răspundem Cerului, fiind darul pe care trebuie să îl împărtăşim celorlalţi spre a fi, în cele din urmă, recompensaţi. Câţi dintre noi reuşesc să Îl vadă pe Hristos în omul de la colţul de stradă, în sărmanul copil zgribulit de frigul din inimi mai presus de cel al iernii?

In the most sublime intimacy of our being we keep the light with which we came to this earth. From light we keep the flame of faith, by her we answer Heaven, being the gift that we must share to others so as to be, ultimately, rewarded. How many of us can see Christ in the man in the corner of the  street, in the poor child shriveled by the cold from hearts more than from the winter cold?

Winter outside, winter inside us.

God needs answers, reactions from our side, spiritual feedback. He guides our steps, learns with us, He “grows” us, and do we think even once SERIOUSLY to be grateful? Does not feel alone when He is  bypassed? I found that God is so close to each other, being accustomed to it, we do not aware of His presence. Worrisome is this “closing” willingly of the “spiritual eyes”. If we receive all “free” from God, what does cost us a simple “thank you” worshiped to HIM ? Everything that happens to us is for our good, even if sometimes it’s hard to understand this.

Loneliness is the clue that You let your Friend too far from what is “your life”. People provides you minimum “growth”, while He fulfill any plan, any road that you travel. When a loved man goes away, you know that one day he will return. When you recognize that he goes with God, you never break up wih him.

Feeling of comfort from mother arms, when you were little, reader, you can get it back giving Him space of honor in your soul, not because you are responsible to do this, not because you’re afraid to dwell alone – as little children believe – but think beyond the daily limits. Where solitude ends, begins true friendship with God!







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