Life with and without God

A real life and an apparent one

A year ago I received from my godmother the book “My Life in Christ” by St. John of Kronstadt. It’s a great6573144-md book, a book that should not miss. St. John had a divine life and faced many things during, and he talks so easily and honestly about all aspects of life. Last night I found something nice in his book:

“There is, Christian brother, a true life, real, and another one apparent, false. To live to drink and eat, to dress, walk, to get rich, generally, to live for pleasure and earthly concerns, or devises intrigues, to judge and gossip about others… this is an apparent life.

To live to please God and to serve others, to pray for the salvation of their souls, helping them in every way to be saved, this is what it means a real life. The first way of life is a continued spiritual death, the second one is a relentless spirit alive. “

I believe that a life in pleasures is an apparent one because pleasures are passing. We want to satisfy this desire of eternal happiness with our evanescent things, with temporal things. Only man is eternal.

Staniloaie Father says: “The joy comes only from the relationship with people and with God”, the rest are not true joys, tangible and imperishable, but are inconsistent, melt quickly, quickly disappear. So are apparent.

A fellow from work, a graduate of the Faculty of Philosophy taught me that true is only what never changes, never goes away. Neither laws of physics are not true because they happen in 99% of cases in everyday life, but there were times when did not happen, there were miracles. So there were times when they were not checked so they were untrue.

So the truth is what stands forever, which never fails.

Jesus said: I am the Way, Truth and Life. (In, 14.6)

The truth is personal. Truth is God.

(Balan Claudiu)






One thought on “A real life and an apparent one

  1. Thanks for sharing such a personal account.

    Posted by Liz @ World Vision | July 26, 2012, 2:49 pm

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