God's love

God, my poor heart loves You

God, my poor heart loves You, I want to tell you all my thoughts, everything I feel, to be with me when my poor heart calls You. God, I dare to say everything I feel and what I want, and know that You know me better than anyone, better than myself. You know the deepest places of my soul, the deepest thoughts, You know my poor heart and its beats.

You, God, you can make me clean, get me up, wipe my tears, help me to be gentle and be able to smile … God, my poor heart loves You and my entire sinful soul sighs for You.

My Good, I want You to forgive me for everything I do not know, when I’m wrong and Your voice always to be heard in my conscience.

I pray Thee, Christ God to get us all in Your Kingdom, to be with You, to praise You forever. My Lord, take us to You all of us, as thou wilt. I have done nothing good before Thee, but souls sighs for Your holy love.

My Lord, forgive us now as we also forgive one another, and teach us to love with Your love, give us comfort … forgive, Good everlasting love …



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