God's love

I love you, my dear Lord!

What sweet peace enfolds me!…What caressing silence!…What rays of  light trapped in crowns of rainbow! O Lord, You are here! My good and holy God! I feel Your steps touching the paths of my soul… and behind them is so much light! It’s a trail of rainbow …

You cease for a moment near my whirling springs, stare at them, then take white lily petals from the hand of an angel and sprinkle them one by one, and smile. Then sprinkle all at once and water mirrors your happy face by another victory. You go forward through the garden of my heart like a breeze … You revive all the flowers of my tired soul from passions, worries, fears.

You understanding watch at trees with heavy branches, but unripe crops; … and Your gentle light and Your warmth gives them comforting aroma and color and taste. Your eyes search the stars on the sky of my soul. With a translucence touch you uncurtain heavy of fears and regrets and show me the light of Shiner … and that of the morning one…

How beautiful are the night`s shiners when you’re with me, my Lord!

How blue is the dawn that You put before me drawing my flight to you!

Oh! My Light, my Silence, my dearest Love, Jesus! Stay on forever in the garden of my heart! I can’t stop missing you. Stay! … I have so much to tell you … and my heart would want to whisper them in the most sweet quiet and secret, keeping silent and beating for You with love from Your Love. Forgive her that trembles when feels Your presence! Forgive her when bends its eyes cause by so much light. Forgive it when melts hearing your words. Oh, my dear Lord! Your word, Your words, embalm my whole being! Wrapp as the Light! They overcome and kneel me forever!

It’s so quiet in Heaven! … I keep silence  … my heart is silent … and listens to a docile murmur …

I know, Lord! It is the ocean of Your Love that buzzing for my soul that is so weak, which Your Love and Mercy makes powerful and victorious!

Thank you! … This is all I can humming with my lips. It is all I can do now… My heart filled with You can do  more. Listen … it talks … I do not know what it is saying … All I know: that it loves You, my dear Lord!

(Mariana L. )



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