Miracles and wonders


Nothing in life is accidental. God arranges everything as He desires and to match our needs, so that no step in our life is without importance. I convinced myself of this after I started to believe in miracles. Not because until then I didn’t, but I had a rather superficial belief, I used to amaze myself at hearing about them, but I didn’t see them as being a part of my own life.
However, life has proven me the opposite….
In time, as I got closer to God, He, from His great goodness, filled every day in my life with a lot of beautiful things, and all that without me even asking for them. He gave me wonders I didn’t expect. And what’s really amazing is that I bumped into them every single day.
My life had taken a great turn, I started to feel God and His Mother near me in every single moment, They helped me when I called for them. Later, I became even more courageous, and I let myself guided by His will, asking Him to place my steps towards the righteous way. I really couldn’t describe the deep peace which started to harbor in my soul, and the sweetness that was in my heart in those moment of godly happiness.
Not a lot of time passed and I started to ask him some things which before I thought they were impossible. And, indeed, no prayer, no desire was ignored. Whether I asked for an earthly thing, or for one of the soul, I would immediately receive it. I only needed to call His name in faith, and the wonder would take place. I didn’t think I was capable of some things, I used to see me powerless in their face, but God’s mercy came to help me.
A very special place in my soul was occupied by the wonders of the Holy Virgin, to whom I always ran when I had problems. These are really indescribable. There were too many and too beautiful (and they still are) to be able to include them in a few words. I thought that some day I would write a book about this. But what’s sure is that She, from Her infinite love, saved me both from despair and from trouble, and from my powerlessness and even from that for many times.
A few words, while crying, spoken before her Holy Icon made me receive Her help, which I desired so much, but deserved so little. I know for sure that many are those who felt the help of our Good Empress in many moments of their lives.
Today I accustomed myself to the wonders, to “the impossible” that can come true in any moment. Because, “to God, everything is possible.” His infinite mercy which he sends us in every moment and unconditionally in our lives never ceases to amaze me.
Many times, I throw an eye at the past and I see my life differently. It’s as if my mind is open and now I understand why things went that way and not differently. And today I can see many “simple questions” as something really special, that brought a change in my life. I convinced myself of one thing: wonders existed, exist and will exist as long as we show faith, obedience and love towards God, our Creator.
Every man’s life is full of wonders, but in order to feel them we need to see God’s will in everything, His infinite power with which He works in our lives, for our salvation.
Let’s keep our eyes open, because it is in these miraculous events that we can get to know God, Who is always present in our lives. Because He is our Life…

Translated by Costin Matei



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