God's love


Yesterday You looked at me and called me to stand beside Your heart, without saying anything to me.

            Then, we set out on a dry soul’s road and I showed you parched meadows yearning for a drop of water. You looked at them with meek eyes, without saying anything, and under your glance, they enlivened as if touched by beneficial rain.

            Farther on, I showed you sad trees with withered leaves. You looked upon them with mercy and, under the touch of Your fingers, all the leaves became open, full of life, and the wind sang its joy through their green. We walked on, without You saying anything to me.

            We then came across long ago dried rivers and You stopped near them. At a sign of Your hand they all poured forth their clean water and they wet Your feet with their silver drops. You looked at them tenderly, without saying anything to me.

            Then we both looked up at the sky and we saw heavy black clouds gathered, and You chased them away with the serenity of your look. The entire horizon responded to Your eyes and lightened up throwing blemishes of light onto the fields.

            And You were walking down my paths, without saying anything to me, and behind You flowers were springing filling my soul.

            Upon return, I picked a lime flower and put it at Your icon, Christ, my dear Lord, looking at You without saying anything to You…


Translated by Claudia



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