God's love

The joy within the heart is the Light – Christ

The light within us is the Joy of heart in articulating the words. The Joy of heart is Prayer and the Prayer of the Heart is the Joy! Your light is my light, enriching each other the Joy within our hearts.

            Receive my light from your light so that you can see your light in our light. The persons receive our consideration as a joy within their heart through the thoughts-words, lights, articulated in light. What a joy to offer me light from your light, enlightening my very light, by knowing each other.

            The tenderness, the gentleness with which the heart laughs or twitches in the light of my fellow enlightens my face, is a source of peace and tranquility, of joy. The light makes you stronger, is power, the power to share your joy, your light, your meaning with the other, which builds in our light my meaning together with yours and ours, all of us, builds us to be better, to follow Christ.

            The image of my face acquires voice in prayer, it becomes Light, enlightens the sense of the image of the Unseen Face, God, in our life. The image of our beloved Person lingers in our light, remains beloved, gentle, it cannot be united with the sorrows and failures of this world, the memory of the beloved one lives within us, through us and with us, enlightening our lives wherever it may be, here, or hidden for the senses. The light of the beloved one enriches my kindness, makes me better, gives me Power, and the Joy to offer, in my turn, light, through sharing with the one that I am beloved by, nourishing his heart with my life, Christ, because He gives me the Power to overpass the sufferings.

            When I see again the image of my beloved one, my face is enlightened, any dark thought vanishes, any frown; love overcomes worry and the burst of anger, it lightens them sharing them as light-virtues to the beloved ones.

            With regards to the beloved one my words are spoken, and the light within them, my light, influences the beloved Person, and the words received within her heart always remain my words, the light within them enlightens so much her mind that anyone else uses them, (that means it not offers them; so make your words gifts of light for the beloved one!) the words remain mine, they neither incarnate nor duplicate or alter, but are carriers of light, of my light within the Light of Christ. My beloved one enriches with my light, enlightening his heart, seeing which was until them shadowed by unlit thoughts.

            When the Bridegroom comes Home, the light of his icon, the Bride, changes his image into her own icon, the Bridegroom receiving his light from the light of their images, stemmed from the Light. When the Father sees His Son the joy of His heart overwhelms the image of the Son with such a richness so that the light within Him reaches inside the heart of the expected one, in his mystical light, restoring the Joy of Life, running towards him, hugging him and forgiving everything.

            When the daughter sees her mother, the light of her image brings light into the heart of the beloved one by the very Joy of her heart, and the mother enlightens her face receiving and sharing the joy of the Daughter, from the sacrifice of the icon of the Bride, the Bridegroom, who lays down His own life for her after the likeness of Christ, Who laid His life for the Bride-Church, for their new sons born through the Baptism.

            The parents rejoice within their hearts when the face of the Baby enlightens their life, offering them the power to enrich their life, advancing in Light. The baby without knowing to speak lightens our face, gives us thirst for life and the power to carry on life, and not anyhow, not as once in shadow, but in Light…The Joy and the purity of his heart enlightens the inner of our hearts, however cold or gloomy it may be, gives us life by the blessing of God.

            The childhood of the heart offers my light to the one that I am beloved by as arranged and spoken words which are the light of the thoughts, being implanted in the Prayer within my Heart, and they are our Life in Christ-Light, as Joy of the Heart!



Translated by Radu Iacob



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