Life with and without God

Who referees our lives?

             In today’s world there is no more talk of hell because hell implies punishment, and punishment implies sin, and sin implies the existence of God Who does not want the sin to be committed, but only good instead.

            But if God does exist then there is Someone Who created us, Someone Who governs the world, Someone Who loves us all, Someone Who wants us to be happy and not to suffer. And for all of us not to suffer and to be happy all together, we should obey some rules of behaviour, a system in which we should all be equal (equally loved), although we are so different. The perfect system hasn’t proved to be neither communism, nor socialism, nor even democracy, but common-sense, love, forgiveness, peace, tranquility, beauty… God’s commands actually.

            If for one day all people on Earth ceased forgiving, if that one day they ceased loving, ceased showing respect to one another, what would happen? There would only be quarrels, yelling, beatings, ugliness, wars… it would be hell on Earth. What or Who keeps this harmony among us? The laws and the national constitutions? Human rights? Obviously not, for most of us have never read our country’s constitution or all the laws.

            Why are we tortured by remorse when we start to do evil and especially after we have done it? What is this voice within me which tells me it is not right to curse someone, that it is not right to hurt someone, that it is not nice to brag to everyone? It is God’s voice inside the human being, just like for a child the basic upbringing is always the ‘voice’ which tells him what is right and what is wrong.

            God the One Who whispers to us the good thoughts and reprimands us through our conscience for our bad thoughts and deeds, is the One Who keeps the harmony and peace between us. He gives us peace and tranquility, He gives us the power to respect, to forgive and to love.

            ‘Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.’

            He guides our world from outside but especially from inside us. However, He never infringes upon our free will. He always suggests to us the good thought, he always suggests the way we can be joyful and lets us analyze, judge and make decisions.

            If God referees the world why there are so many wars, thefts, murdering, injustice?

            Because man’s greatest gift is freedom. Because God can override everything but not our free will. Why?

            Because He loves us!

(Balan Claudiu)

Translated by Claudia



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