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The joy within the heart is the Light – Christ

The light within us is the Joy of heart in articulating the words. The Joy of heart is Prayer and the Prayer of the Heart is the Joy! Your light is my light, enriching each other the Joy within our hearts.

            Receive my light from your light so that you can see your light in our light. The persons receive our consideration as a joy within their heart through the thoughts-words, lights, articulated in light. What a joy to offer me light from your light, enlightening my very light, by knowing each other.

            The tenderness, the gentleness with which the heart laughs or twitches in the light of my fellow enlightens my face, is a source of peace and tranquility, of joy. The light makes you stronger, is power, the power to share your joy, your light, your meaning with the other, which builds in our light my meaning together with yours and ours, all of us, builds us to be better, to follow Christ.

            The image of my face acquires voice in prayer, it becomes Light, enlightens the sense of the image of the Unseen Face, God, in our life. The image of our beloved Person lingers in our light, remains beloved, gentle, it cannot be united with the sorrows and failures of this world, the memory of the beloved one lives within us, through us and with us, enlightening our lives wherever it may be, here, or hidden for the senses. The light of the beloved one enriches my kindness, makes me better, gives me Power, and the Joy to offer, in my turn, light, through sharing with the one that I am beloved by, nourishing his heart with my life, Christ, because He gives me the Power to overpass the sufferings.

            When I see again the image of my beloved one, my face is enlightened, any dark thought vanishes, any frown; love overcomes worry and the burst of anger, it lightens them sharing them as light-virtues to the beloved ones.

            With regards to the beloved one my words are spoken, and the light within them, my light, influences the beloved Person, and the words received within her heart always remain my words, the light within them enlightens so much her mind that anyone else uses them, (that means it not offers them; so make your words gifts of light for the beloved one!) the words remain mine, they neither incarnate nor duplicate or alter, but are carriers of light, of my light within the Light of Christ. My beloved one enriches with my light, enlightening his heart, seeing which was until them shadowed by unlit thoughts.

            When the Bridegroom comes Home, the light of his icon, the Bride, changes his image into her own icon, the Bridegroom receiving his light from the light of their images, stemmed from the Light. When the Father sees His Son the joy of His heart overwhelms the image of the Son with such a richness so that the light within Him reaches inside the heart of the expected one, in his mystical light, restoring the Joy of Life, running towards him, hugging him and forgiving everything.

            When the daughter sees her mother, the light of her image brings light into the heart of the beloved one by the very Joy of her heart, and the mother enlightens her face receiving and sharing the joy of the Daughter, from the sacrifice of the icon of the Bride, the Bridegroom, who lays down His own life for her after the likeness of Christ, Who laid His life for the Bride-Church, for their new sons born through the Baptism.

            The parents rejoice within their hearts when the face of the Baby enlightens their life, offering them the power to enrich their life, advancing in Light. The baby without knowing to speak lightens our face, gives us thirst for life and the power to carry on life, and not anyhow, not as once in shadow, but in Light…The Joy and the purity of his heart enlightens the inner of our hearts, however cold or gloomy it may be, gives us life by the blessing of God.

            The childhood of the heart offers my light to the one that I am beloved by as arranged and spoken words which are the light of the thoughts, being implanted in the Prayer within my Heart, and they are our Life in Christ-Light, as Joy of the Heart!



Translated by Radu Iacob


Who referees our lives?

             In today’s world there is no more talk of hell because hell implies punishment, and punishment implies sin, and sin implies the existence of God Who does not want the sin to be committed, but only good instead.

            But if God does exist then there is Someone Who created us, Someone Who governs the world, Someone Who loves us all, Someone Who wants us to be happy and not to suffer. And for all of us not to suffer and to be happy all together, we should obey some rules of behaviour, a system in which we should all be equal (equally loved), although we are so different. The perfect system hasn’t proved to be neither communism, nor socialism, nor even democracy, but common-sense, love, forgiveness, peace, tranquility, beauty… God’s commands actually.

            If for one day all people on Earth ceased forgiving, if that one day they ceased loving, ceased showing respect to one another, what would happen? There would only be quarrels, yelling, beatings, ugliness, wars… it would be hell on Earth. What or Who keeps this harmony among us? The laws and the national constitutions? Human rights? Obviously not, for most of us have never read our country’s constitution or all the laws.

            Why are we tortured by remorse when we start to do evil and especially after we have done it? What is this voice within me which tells me it is not right to curse someone, that it is not right to hurt someone, that it is not nice to brag to everyone? It is God’s voice inside the human being, just like for a child the basic upbringing is always the ‘voice’ which tells him what is right and what is wrong.

            God the One Who whispers to us the good thoughts and reprimands us through our conscience for our bad thoughts and deeds, is the One Who keeps the harmony and peace between us. He gives us peace and tranquility, He gives us the power to respect, to forgive and to love.

            ‘Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.’

            He guides our world from outside but especially from inside us. However, He never infringes upon our free will. He always suggests to us the good thought, he always suggests the way we can be joyful and lets us analyze, judge and make decisions.

            If God referees the world why there are so many wars, thefts, murdering, injustice?

            Because man’s greatest gift is freedom. Because God can override everything but not our free will. Why?

            Because He loves us!

(Balan Claudiu)

Translated by Claudia

Lord, “anything goes” doesn’t work for You anymore!

Lord, I think to myself: when was it the worst for me?!, so bad that I said to You: “You don’t help me, You don’t understand me!” (something that I myself didn’t understand!)

When was my soul most cold, confused, weakened and exhausted because You had turned Your face away from me?

Oh, Lord… never turn away from me nor take away Thy Holy Spirit…

I have turned my face away from You and I have sent Thy Holy Spirit away from me…because, God, You have always been the same, You are and will be the same to every soul, in moment.

All the pain, the rottenness, the evil and the emptiness that comes from laziness, from not paying attention, from cold-heartedness; my soul…“anything goes”.

I’m stuck, God…because my soul desired all the joys,  pleasures, Your good things and virtues I coveted, and I wished to have them as easy as it was to sin: “a pure heart”, “a righteous spirit”, “self control”, “humble spirit”, “broken and humble”, “the house of Israel”, “the house of Aaron”.

But, Lord, I am too lazy to come to You… too lazy to open my heart for You… too lazy to speak honestly to You. I am too lazy to answer You, because Your love, God, is sacrifice ! That holy Face pictured in countless icons… Behold the eyes of Your Saints, behold the sign of Your communion, behold their eternity…

Blessed are those who dwell in Thy House, for they will worship You forever. (Ps. 83)

He Who protects the children is the Lord, for I was down and He raised me. Return to thy rest, o, my soul, for the Lord has healed you”.

(Andreea L)

Do we know how to forgive?

If someone would give us a slap, could we forgive him? Could we, the young ones, be able to turn the other cheek? If someone would curse us, could we bless him after? If a friend would betray us, could we forgive him? Those are many questions that are hard to answer. Here is what St. John Chrysostom says:

“Think of all your mistakes you have to give an answer, but more important, to forget the injustice committed by others to you, forgive those who offended you, in order to have the right yourself to be forgiven – to earn, this way, a relief of your troubles.”

Greeks, without big expectations, often gave regarding of those, evidences of wisdom. And you, who must eventually leave this world, with such greater expectations, won’t you do it, or remain in hesitation?

What solves itself, don’t assign and respect the divine law – and, rather, let your passion be eradicated without a reword, instead to deserve a reword?

If the ages will erase envy, you can’t pull any avail. Would you say that remembering an affront will provoke the anger? Remember all the good made for you, by that who affronted you, and all the bad that you made for others.

Did he speak evil about you, did he cover you in shame? Remember what you have said to others. So I ask, how will you receive forgiveness if you don’t give it to others?  Did not you say anything bad? But you heard so many times, lots of gossip and you accepted them, and this is, of course, guilt.

Do you want to know how well is to forget the insults, and how pleasant is this to God, above all? He punishes even those who enjoy his rightful punishment. So, it doesn’t serve right to disregard those punished by God, nor the one who offended us!…

The spirit of mercy is shown here, the thing that pleases God most. Nothing feeds compassion better than forgiveness.

For the one who offended, God also showed him what needs to be done. He commanded to immediately search for the one being offended, to even leave the altar to find him and to return to the offering table only after he reconciled with him.

But that’s not a reason to expect him to come, because of doing so, you’ve lost everything. Only if you go out to meet him, God will give you an untold reward.

If you reconcile with the one who offended you, only because he comes towards you, not the divine command is the one who has settled, but only the other’s gesture. So, you remain without a garland.”


Translated by Ioniţă Radu