Saints help and prayers

Every Christian should have piety towards Saints

As far is the sky from earth, this much surpass us, the sinners, the saints pleased to God; they are heavenly beings – we are flesh; they are saints – we are filled with the multitude of sins; they loved God from all their heart, with all their strength, hating themselves and the world – we love with an extreme enthusiast ourselves and the world; we love all its soul losing things and contrary to God; saints aquired a heavenly mind, a heavenly heart, a heavenly will, they loved God’s will and defeated their own bodily, damaged will– we are flesh and defile our heart and will, all our spiritual impulses and inclinations.

Therefore, every Christian should stand in reverence before the Saints, to honor with the proper honour and with which God Himself has glorified them for their dignity.  Seek to follow their life, their faith; remember their fiery love for God and neighbor and your heart will be filled with passionate love and eternal hope. Always endeavour after where the eternal Love is, Who loves everything, where is the eternal True and Sanctity, there where is life and eternal praise and everlasting joy of the saints.

In church icons are painted with the face of the saints commemorated at the Divine Liturgy, Proscomidy (the preparation of the offerings)and to the Liturgy of the faithfull.  Saints were messengers and prophets of our faith.  They sealed the truth and the saving gift of faith with their blood, with countless tortures and with death, great ascetism, with fast and pray. They pray God for us. Saints are eternal witnesses of the true faith and of its power of life making in the most terrible tortures and under threat of death; they are the pillars  of the Church around which they raise walls with their prayers, praise and glory to God.

(St. John of Kronstadt)



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