Orthodox psychology

Live each day as if it were your last!

In these troubled times, the devil  passes by us every day, in different ways. Summer  is  the season of holidays, of fun which passes all bounds. Many of us go to the  seaside, to participate to various music festivals (that serve them only as a  reason to consume alcohol in  industrial quantities) or simply to scour discos about and thus to go astray.

If we do a survey among the teenagers described above, questioning them: “Do you think  you conform to the motto: live each day as it were your last? the overwhelming majority of the responses will be positive. You might say: “Yes it is normal to give such answers,” thinking  that fun  is a priority for teenagers.

But let’s see the things from another point of view. This motto applies to a good Christian? I think so. Unfortunately few apply it . We make medium and long term plans and we see them as accomplished, but we don’t realize  that tomorrow  may never come for us.

And yet God sends us signals.  We bear some of them in mind a few days, as in situations when a car was to hit us , or we see a young person’s funeral. Other warning signs are downright painful, as the  situations when one of our beloved ones leaves this world, and what’s more is that person dies young.

Only then  we can truly think at our death. Or not even then. I personally went through such a situation and I think about how things will look like if I lose the other parent, but rarely do   I think of what will happen if I die myself.

It would be such a good thing if each of us saw today as if it was our last. Certainly we would try and succeed to be better in hope that we will have a place in heaven. Unfortunately, too often we do this and we amuse God,   making long term plans for periods of years or falling into the devil’s stretched net, that urge us to entertain us a little, (you know that the original meaning of the word: ”fun, diversion”- is distracting from an important action) now while we are young and then we will have time to redeem our sins.




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