Saints help and prayers

Speaking with saints

You tell me that you can not understand how it happens that the saints from Heaven hear us when we pray. But how is that the sunrays overrun us everywhere and that they shine over the Earth? In the spiritual world, the saints are what the sun’s rays are in the material Universe. God is the eternal sun, life giving, Saints are the rays of this Sun. As the eyes of God eternely watch the Earth and the children of earth, so the eyes of Saints are; they may not look there where the providentially way of God is watching and where are their treasures (their bodies, their deeds, their saint places and their honorings). “For where your treasure is, there will be your heart’. (Matthew 6, 21)

You know that your heart can quickly see, far away and clearly (especially those of the spiritual world). You see this especially in the spiritual things, where many things can be perceived only by faith (by the sight of the heart). The heart is the eyesight of our being. The cleaner, that can see further, quickly and clearly. The eye of saints of God has reached the ultimate stage of purity available to human in the spirituality since the lifetime, and after death, when they united with God, their ability of seeing became clearer, more comprehensive, by divine grace. That’s why the saints can see very clearly, comprehensively and deeply. They see our spiritual needs. They see and hear all those who call them from heart, namely all those whose inner eyes are turned toward them and who don’t doubt or believe, who are in despair and darkness. When they call the saints, when the beseeching eyes meet – to say so – the eyes of those to whom they pray, it’s a mystic meeting.

The one who has gained such an experience can understand me. This explains why communication with saints can be done so easily. All you have is to clean the eye of your heart, turn it calmly toward the saint you know, to ask what you want to ask and you shall receive. All in Him is viewing, holiness, knowledge. The earth and the sky and all places are full of Him, He sees everything and everywhere. “The eyes of God are everywhere, watching over the good ones and the wicked.” (Proverbs of Solomon 15.3).

Saint John of Krondstadt – My life in Christ



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