Orthodox psychology

To be Orthodox – a clarification

Being young orthodox doesn’t mean not listening to music, but listening to good music. Good for the soul, the young orthodox is the one who by nature is thirsty of peace, of inner clarity, of purity of the heart, things he needs to be able to love purely.

Being young orthodox doesn’t mean not having fun, but not to throw yourself in the mud of sin on behalf of entertainment…

Being young orthodox doesn’t mean not having friends, but not friends who make you sin…

Being young orthodox doesn’t mean not doing the will of the parents, but refuse it with a humble firmness when it is sinful…

In a word the young orthodox does anything, but without sin…

He doesn’t refuse his parents or his friends, but the sin… Because the sin separates you from Christ… And the separation from Christ it’s in fact separation from truth and light… And what kind of life is that without truth and light?

I know, reader, that the concept of sin bores you, because it was stuffed for centuries, with vain morality…What diversion!

Scripture calls the sin ,,the sting of death’’; the sin is, in fact, the needle of the syringe of death, the death that flows in us.

And, ironically, today’s youth’s parents who are returning to the Church, are disgusted that Christ took away from the hearts of their children the sting of death! And that they don’t live that ,,life’’ which is only the subtle effect of destruction that is creeping, through sin, in their whole being.

The parents who separate their children from Christ, kill their souls.

May it not be so!



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