Anger and hatred

The three day delay

I remember what I heard, one sunday, during the sermon: “when you are furious, expect to pass three days until you respond to the person who had upset you”. Later, by applying this advice, I also understood why it is good to act in this way: depending on the anger’s intensity, the wrath will disappear, the first, the second or the third day…the third day you will forgive even the reason of your anger. This way, you don’t harm neither you, nor the person who caused your wrath. It’s more important “to reject myself, for not to cause a big feud, because of insignificant things, and, this way, having love for me, to loose You”.

I really needed to remember this prayer written by Father Arsenie Boca…God works nicely..even though I found the morning Prayer on the site today.

The delay of three days helps you not to break the promise you make when you say ‘Our Father’: “and forgive our debts, as we also have forgiven our debtors.” and to do your duty and forgive ‘seventy times seven’ and, that way, to feal that ‘God will not destroy a clean and a humble heart”.




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