Spiritual childhood

This… This is the world we live in! A world full of turmoil, stress, vain pursuits… And the soul, the poor host of our feelings, obeys us, as it obeys to a master, being assaulted by the falseness and vanities of this venomous world and not being able to follow God’s Law any longer…

“Beware, therefore, my soul, lest thou be weighed down with sleep; lest thou be given up to death, and be shut out from the Kingdom!” (Psalms), but, man, be enlightened, be wise as Saint John the Chrysostom says: “The wise man is like a lit candle from which other candles can be lit as well”.

A happy childhood, with sour cherries hung over my ears, with the scent of field flowers, with the air gilded by the rays of the joyous sun, with the shadow of recently blossomed lime tree, with glitters of light, with sparkles of smiles, with beloved faces of old people waiting for you on the threshold…  This is the season of my childhood! A season when I burst into buds and when I blossomed, so that I can now achieve the gift to pour out healing perfume over all those who need it…

But the entire world is cruel, it is mean, it is merciless… As many others, I also like to compare it to a foamy sea whose waves hit violently against the cold rocks… But let us not forget that, as we come closer to the smooth sand of the beach, the sea becomes calmer and it slips playfully through your wandering legs.

We are the captain of the boat, a “boat” we make a living in… But let us be careful not to forget our paddles at home, lest our soul sinks, lest it gets lost on this earth, in this telluric world…

Time passes… time elapses… Some while ago, I myself was saying that life gets closer to its end with each moment we live!

But NO! I was wrong! On this incognito earth, where we struggle to live, we have a life… a life which we simply pass through; through the century-old world… we are a moment’s passengers!

Therefore, we should learn how short the span of this life is and how endless eternity is! Where is our Faith? Where are our Hope and Love? These three maidens clothed in light teach us that we shall always be thirsty today, but in the eternal life we shall drink deep from the “spring of life”, the “living water”, from which all of His creatures will quench their thirst.

The greeting of the light must be done with love, for “if there is no love, there is nothing” and “love never falls in ruins!” (Galatians 13, 8)

So let us be “sons of the Light, and not of the darkness”, “sons of the day”, as Saint Paul the Apostle says…

Salvation of the soul… Such a relevant subject… I am glad that as early as “from my youth” (the Paraklesis to the Theotokos) such important things were revealed to me, for, if we believe, if we hope and love with our entire being, we shall take care of the salvation of our soul and we shall not drown in the cold deep waves of the sea…

“I called upon You” (Psalms) and I was freed from the whale’s belly, just like Jonas…


Translated by Claudia



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