God's love

Love gives birth to love

Love gives birth to love. Christ is born from love. God loved so much the world that He sent His only Son to the world! A world full of sins and vanity. But here, in this world, in this hollow full of sins, we find Him. He came to us not to make known His wonders in the whole world, but to make known the Truth in the world. Christ is the Truth. As you know, He didn’t come for the righteous but for the sinners: “That I haven’t come to call the righteous but the sinners to the repentance.” (Matthew 9. 9 – 13)

Although we believe in God and in His love towards us, we can’t deal with all the troubles and suffering. We turn away from God when He doesn’t give us what we ask for. Is this love? No. We are wrong because we oppose His will. In our searching, we want answers to the daily questions. Well, if we love, why are we stll wondering? Why we do not like when we are persecuted for righteousness? He is Justice. Blessed those persecuted for righteousness, theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven. (Matthew 5. 10) I’m not talking only about the love for God, but also about the love for our neighbour. When someone doesn’t love us, well, we don’t love him any longer….because, he doesn’t worth our love. So think most of young people today.

So I had used to think before I knew the Church Fathers. Saint Augustine says: “Love and do what you want”. Well, how can I, a sinner, love and do whatever I want?! “Nobody lives without love; but, in general, what is to love? God doesn’t stop us from loving, but here is about choosing the object of our love. Or, if we choose, it is because we ourselves were loved first. We love, but where comes this privilege from? From there that He loved us first. How can a man love God? Search and you will find no other reason than this: He loved us first. The One who we love was given to us and He gave us, at the same time, that thing which makes us love Him.

This is what I am asking you: to love. And even if the others don’t love you, love them more. Pray for those who hate you and for your enemy.  Love without waiting anything in return. With love you can change a heart. I saw this from experience. Also, love is the one which can raise you up from the swamp of sins. With His love, we should not care about anything.

We don’t have to look for something else, but to learn to love Him.





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