God's love

About God

I’ve heard people saying they have never seen God, denying His existence because of lack of evidence. We see God every day, all we have to do is to open our eyes and look around. People, birds, which in their incomprehensible language, are honoring their Creator with their wonderful songs, the breeze, the sun which gently caresses with its rays our face furrowed of troubles, suffering and stress, snowflakes that, when surrounds you with their dance, create the impression they’re in a story whose protagonist is you, the child’s laugh that cheers aged, but happy faces of grandparents. All is love, and God is love that dwells in our souls.

For me God is Father, Friend, Brother, the Creator who gave me a wonderful gift that is called life. To know God we must love our neighbour, who is not necessarily a relative of ours, but the man next to us, the poor, especially in this time when it’s cold outside, they don’t have a place where to warm and sleep.

Have you ever thought, in the holy night of Christmas, when you sit with your family around the tree, to the poor children who hunger and freeze in the cold night?

On Christmas day, poor people are on the road or in hospital beds fighting for their lives and hopping for a miracle. Perhaps some are wondering where is God when they need him. Why does He allow some children, some angels without wings, to suffer so much? God is near, ​​holding their hand or hugging them and encouraging them. He does not leave us, but always stays with us, watching us from a corner where we forget Him overwhelmed by looking for material things. How can the Creator forget us if for the love for us He sent his own Son to die for our sins? The Saviour suffered on the Cross not only for the people of those times, but also for us from these days.

Unfortunately, many forget the Creator being overwhelmed by daily stress and struggle to become someone, forgetting that the best thing is the fresh smile of a child, rustle of leaves, the murmur of flowing water, and the beauty of a simple soul. To emphasize the beauty of a pure soul I will use an example:

“One winter evening, a young family sat around the table. The father was sad and depressed and the mother was crying, holding her face in her hands. The youngest daughter, surprised by this situation approached slowly and asked:

– Mom, why are you crying?

– My daughter, we live in difficult days, we do not have money and in order to live we have sold this beautiful house. Tomorrow we will have to move in a smaller house. This is why I am crying, because it is difficult to leave this wonderful place we have lived in peace for so many years, and to move into an impoverished house…

– But, mother, does not God live in that poor house where we will move?

Amazed at the faith of the child and of her truth, parents understood that in life, hardships and tribulations arise in any human soul, but faith and hope should never be forgotten, because only with them in our souls we can go through life’s thorny path more easily. “

The human’s heart is like a flower wrapped in the mystery of innocence which, if you do not wet with the water of faith, love and forgiveness, fades losing its beauty.

These lines were written by a teenage girl who longs for his childhood innocence and beauty, a child who wants her Father to take her in his arms and protect her. I do not know which road I will take in life, but I know that someone will always be beside me, waiting for me in a corner of the soul, but not waiting only for me, but for you, and for us all.

(Mihaela G.)




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