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Horoscope in Orthodoxy

The word “horoscope” was searched 14.191.324 times by 2008. Yes! You read right, for 14 million times the term “horoscope” was sought last year, which means that Romanians are very interested in the horoscope, and many of them read it almost daily hoping that they will be fine. Among the most searched words on the internet, the word “horoscope” is the fifth. How strange! A country of mostly Christians Orthodox is interested in the “horoscope forecasts”.

Many people read horoscope in newspapers, on net, on TV, in the subway station. I wonder who makes these horoscopes. There are hundreds of types of horoscope in a day. Are journalists also astrologers? They all “read the stars”? My godson had worked at a local newspaper for several years in Galati and told me how they made the horoscope… A colleague of theirs, a journalist; grabs to write what comes in her mind, something that may not always resemble with what yesterday or last weeks was published.

So are horoscope made in all publications … quickly inventions, adapted to practical aspects of life, aimed at everyone (work, home, partner, money, friends, etc…) that can be fold to as many people and may seem more reliable..

So, now that all has been said, I think that a few hundreds of newspaper in Roamnia, hundreds of magazines and hundreds of internet sites, in one single day have more than a thousand of predictions of a sign…. which normally do not match each other, but all are invented. Well, I can do a horoscope if I want! I can do a horoscope for a whole month, or a year round, because it doesn’t seem difficult…one day I write well, the other the worst, to be a balance, and that’s all. It’s easy!

Horoscope is only an illusion of what could be…it has no conection with reality; it is read by many people as only “for fun”, so unfortunately wasting his life.

Rather than searching for a beautiful forecast in the horoscope today, which certainly will not come true, I better ask Lord to help me. Why dreaming of what I want instead of asking Him every morning?

Orthodoxy and horoscope have nothing in common. Orthodoxy is True in every aspect of our life and we will live like this until the end of the world with God.  Horoscope is a lie, a children’s play which slyly do away with God from the scheme of life. No matter how innocent it may seem,  horoscope is idolatry… It’s like a child would wait for a “furniture forecasts” waiting to receive a toy, than to ask his mother to buy it. Furniture forecasts are horoscopes “read” in stars, the home is the world we live in, mother is God who loves us and is always waiting to help us, and the child it’s me, the one who want a better life.

Horoscope in Orthodoxy is actually sin in Orthodoxy…

Horoscope is a sin and must be confessed, is the beginning of unfaith, and is like turning our backs to God…It’s a shame you receive the Eucharist and the next day you try to read forecasts of devil.



One thought on “Horoscope in Orthodoxy

  1. Ahaa, its good dialogue about this piece of writing here at this weblog, I have read all that, so now me also commenting here.

    Posted by Astrology Birth Chart | February 9, 2012, 3:15 pm

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