God's love

God’s insurances

Where are the insurances when the floods are destroying the lives of thousands of people, although maybe the houses were insured? Where are the insurances when our love ones get injured or die, although the cars had insurance? Where are the insurances when a loved one get ill or suffers, although they had insurance? Where are the insurances when children do not have a good personal life or when they have so many troubles, although they have life insurance?

Are insurances protecting me every day like a guardian angel?

God takes care of us and protects us each and every second of our life. He protects us and guides our every step. He is with us, like the mother is with her baby that just started to walk, supporting and encouraging him. To trust the protection of insurances against daily life troubles, it’s like that small child, who wants to walk, but he trust a child-walking manual instead of his mother.

I won’t be glad if I’ll get money, if I make an accident, I will be glad if I won’t make it at all. I won’t be happy if my house will fall down, instead I will be very happy if this won’t happen. I won’t be happy is someone I love gets ill and I get free hospitalization, but I’ll be happy if he would continue to be healthy.

The insurance is the understanding between people through which one of them receives compensation money after something happens. I want to make an insurance that will help me in order for nothing bad to happen. I want to talk with someone that can ensure me that I’ll always be better. I am convinced that it is better to pray God to keep me safe rather to do insurance. The insurance is just a relief (in money) after something bad happened.

I wander who will keep me safe from car accidents, the insurance or God? If we have faith in God, we will pray to Him every day to keep us safe from accidents and He will keep us. If we have had faith, we wouldn’t have made insurances. If we are aware and realize that God exists, than we won’t doubt His help, because we are His beloved children. As parents take care of their newborn children constantly, especially when they are small and can’t handle themselves, as well God who creates us takes care of us and He will never leave us.

If we had faith, everything would be much easier. If we believed there wouldn’t be insurances. Today, the world wants to eliminate Him slightly from our conscience landscape and replace Him with pleasures and desires, with food and drink, consumption and corruption, death and hell.



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