Saints help and prayers

A night with Saint Nicholas in the railway station

Between the saints of God, the first I got acquainted as a young child was Saint Nicholas. In my grandparents’ house we had a large icon with this Saint, just above my bed. And I used to watch it in the evening before falling asleep; strongly believing that God is there. I sometimes wondered why Lord Christ has a white beard in my icon. Later I learned that God has good friends, Saints, and that face I thought it was God’s face, actually was the face of St. Nicholas.

Then, when I learned that Saint is the patron of children, I prayed hard to be my defender, too. And with my mind of child, I asked him to give me a sign if He agrees to accept me also in his care. I do not remember what I asked as a sign, but I know that I enjoyed much when the Saint answered “yes”, He wanted to be my defender, after the agreement I had done with him.

Now I am no longer a child, I grew up and also has grown my unworthiness, but St. Nicholas, gentle and good still guards me, and comes with mercy to help me when I ask Him, even though I often forget Him.

And last night I called Him. I was to go in the station, during the night, to wait for a package that was coming from home. The first time the bus passed through the town where I live, I missed the opportunity to take my package because the car passed without stopping. So I decided this time to leave around 1 am, and stay until it reaches the station. The driver told me that he can reach at 1:30 but may be in the station also at 4. I was afraid to go alone, I knew that during the night many guys go out on the streets by cars and scream if they see a girl and I also had to pass through a part of the town where prostitutes (poor girls) are waiting for customers. So I asked Saint not to let me, to come with me; I took in my pocket an icon with my defender Saint.

The road to the station was quiet. Until we arrived I repeated all the time, “Saint Nicholas, help me!” It was very, very cold, and no one came out on the street. In front of the station … also quiet. Station … closed. I sat on a concrete terminal. I wanted to be attentive to the noises around me, but the strong wind was hissing through the leaves covering even the noise of an engine of a car.

I took the icon of the Saint in my hands and ask him to be with me. I stayed for a few moments looking down. When I lifted my head, before me to 3 feet were two young men, dressed in black, approaching to me. They stopped in front of me. Black hood was covering their head and I saw only their faces. They asked me if I live in town and if I know where they can go to drink something. I said them I am from the town and that there is no open bar at that hour. I feared not to notice because of my accent that I am a foreign. But Saint Nicholas protected me and after few moments the young left.

I crouched in a corner of the station. I was somehow sheltered than when sitting on the terminal. This greatly reduced the range of my vision. After about 20 minutes after leaving of the two men, two other men came from a corner and approached me. They were drunk … bearly speaking. They sat in front of me so I didn’t have where to go. In that moment Saint Nicholas strengthened me hard and I went among them. I felt in my heart that the Saint of Christ would certainly not let me alone. And I turned toward the parking lot. I stood some time hidden there under a tree, until I saw that the two were also going toward the parking place. I ran between the cars but I noticed at one point that parking was surrounded by walls and there was nowhere to run. The only chance to get out of the there was to pass right through their face at a distance of about 15 meters. And that portion was occupied by cars. I called St. Nicholas and I asked Him to cover their eyes not to see me. Oh … and they didn’t see me.

I returned in the corner of the station, waiting. Soon someone came to open the station and people came to train. When the truck arrived, uh … I was glad to see those people. They invite me in the truck to warm me and drove me about a third of the way home. Then, thinking of St. Nicholas I started walking , then I arrived home all right.

I wanted to tell you not to hide the help that Saint Nicholas gives to those who calls Him. I also was unworthy as I didn’t pray him for a long time, but the Saint had mercy on me.
Thank you, Saint Nicholas, great miracle worker, and by you I bring gratitude to God and His Mother.




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