Holy Mother, I want to change, to become a better person

“Thank you, Merciful Mother for the love you have offered me, the unworthy. There are no words that could describe your infinite goodness. A single prayer to you was enough and You, in that same moment, filled my soul with a joy that wasn’t earthly. I found Your Son again into my heart, but I was shy to go close to Him, I almost didn’t dare to lift my sight towards Him because of my sins, as He is Allhigh and I lay in the chasm of mistakes. I found Him again after a long time, we had been separated, a wall had been between us, the wall of my sins. Then, I understood that life away from God is the truest hell.

But I also understood that Your Son allows all of this because of a purpose.

So, even the downfalls have their sens. This long time away from Him has helped me to regain a beam of humbleness, for, I admit, I was too proud before. And now I know that we have to thank God even for the falls and then rise and move on.

Oh, Holy Mother! I am so glad that instead of looking at my sins, You have gifted me with too many good things, more than I could have ever expected.

Most pure Virgin, teach me to thank You as I should for the love You offered me and for taking care of me. Today I have come back to Your beloved Son and, falling at His feet, I said nothing, I didn’t dare to. Only He knows what He has endured for my sins, I know He is upset on me, that’s why I haven’t talked to Him.

But I’m asking You, Virgin Mary, for that You are His beloved Mother and He listens to You: pray to Him for me, so that He forgives me; to absolve me from the burden of my sins and to dwell into my heart, lighting it with His divine Light.

Once I have found Jesus, I don’t want to lose Him anymore. Holy Mother, I want to change and to be a better person. I want to live forever in Jesus’s light and have Him in my heart everywhere and at any time.

Holy Mother, don’t leave me!”




2 thoughts on “Holy Mother, I want to change, to become a better person


    Posted by Mike Gada | January 13, 2012, 10:20 pm
  2. Nice prayer!

    Posted by Mike Gada | January 13, 2012, 10:23 pm

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