Christmas - Christ birth

At Church on Christmas morning

Joy is not something impersonal, it does not simply appear or disappear on its own, joy goes always from one person to the next. There is no joy in itself, everything is personal. There is no “Christmas joy” that we all automatically feel in December, but the joy that comes from the relationship between you and me, between God and us.

 The truth can never be entirely captured in words, but the truth is always an action. Thus, this great and holy atmosphere of Christmas comes from the gesture of each of us to the other.

First of all, this joy of Christmas is God’s love directed to us all, through the forgiveness of sins and the power that He gives us by becoming Himself a human being. And then this joy is the answer that we give to God, by loving the people in our family, our friends and those afflicted or miserable.

We are able to be good because God is good to us, we are able to give to the others because God has given to us first, we love each other as He loves each of us. All the good in the world is from God and not vice versa. Thus “the joy of Christmas” is personal, because it is from the Lord to us.

Christmas joy comes from God towards us, comes from the church, his home, to us.

God invites us to His house on Christmas morning, to “lunch” with Him and enjoy each other. There’s no better or more beautiful place on earth than the Church, no greater joy than Holy Eucharist! This joy extends to our homes and our hearts.

Where could we find a better place to be on Christmas morning than the Church?



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