Sexual tensions in the lives of teenagers

Even if we had heard something on this subject or not, certainly we had all felt it with all the frustrations it brings. It is that state, in which you feel your body having a strong desire for lust which doesn’t give you peace, putting in your mind dirty images.

The appearance of sexual tensions is determined and maintained by two principal factors: unguarded mind and womb’s greed.

It happens to let our mind to produce sexual fantasies or to languish for dirty images, committing in this way fornication or adultery in our hearts.

In anatomic terms, the hormonal glands are responsible for the general and sexual balance of a man/woman. If we feed our mind with dirty images, if we let it fly and sweeten with the sin, then our mind – as the command center of our body – will stimulate the hormonal glands responsible with the appearance of sexual tensions.

These glands produce the most known sexual hormones: testosterone (for men) and progesterone and estrogen (for women), hormones which, if they shed excessively in blood, give birth to the sexual tensions that demand an use. Thus the sin of fornication begins to manifest also in the body because what you give to the mind that is what the body will do, and the body won’t stop its ignition until it will suppress those sexual energies into fornication, when the hormones are consumed, or until it will be balanced and appeased by means of fasting and prayer.

An actual problem for the teenagers and especially for boys is the many ways of tempting themselves voluntary or involuntary, and the ease with which can be tempted into fornication (films, music, advertisements with sexual connotations, pornography, indecent clothing etc.). And how our mind is bombed with this factors that destroy the brain integrity, and the coherence of thought, and that’s why the avalanche of the hormones for pleasure is stronger.

On the other hand, all the caloric energy which the body doesn’t need anymore in normal environmental conditions, activity, age and sex, is transformed into sexual energy that we perceive as sexual tension. This is the body switching mentioned by the Holy Fathers and which tormented even the greatest ascets. Always the excess of energy from food gives birth to the passions of fornication and anger. If we have problems with this passion we have to avoid as much as possible the food rich in fats (oils, pork, butter) because the fats have a high caloric level and light the body instantly.

Many teenagers take as an excuse the “unbearable” sexual tensions for masturbating and escaping in this way from those tensions, not understanding that the sexual tensions are not a cause which would explain a sexual life before marriage or for falling into the sin of masturbation but are an effect of the abuses we do with our body and our mind, abuses that give birth to these tensions of domino effect.

Again, many fool themselves that if they “ease” these tensions then they will get rid of this oppressive problem, not knowing that a temporary solution like this builds in time a powerfull passion. The mechanism of this passion is similar to that of the drunks: “give to the drunk the drink which quench its thirst and the next time he will ask you more because his thirst will be greater”.

The guarding of mind, the fasting and the prayer are the best weapons against the body switching, the sexual tension – as it is called nowadays. We will see as follows the great power of the prayer in the battle with this temptation: “And, behold, the great storm arose at the sea that the ship is covered with the waves while He was asleep. And the disciples came to Him awaked Him saying: Lord save us, we perish. Jesus said to them: Why are you afraid, of little faith? Then arose, and rebuked the winds and the sea and there was silence. And people were amazed, saying: Who is This that even sea and wind obey Him?” (Matthew 8:24-27)

So, if our Savior appeased the storm and the waves of the sea that covered the boat ready to sink, the Lord will not appease also the storm of our temptations and the waves of dirty thoughts that sometimes crush our mind and body ready to destroy us with fornication? Let us ask the Lord rather to appease the storm within us because Lord will not delay to give us His peace as He promised us: “Peace I let you, My peace I give to you, not as world gives I give you. Your heart has not to be troubled neither afraid.” (John 14:27)




One thought on “Sexual tensions in the lives of teenagers

  1. I truly appreciate this post. I have been looking all over for this! Thank goodness I found it on Bing….

    Posted by eddie | December 13, 2011, 8:47 am

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