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Immediately came the help from St. Nectarios

Last year, following a surgery that, initially, did not appear to be a complication (Involving removal of a lymphoma – a benign tumor located under the skin. A lymphoma is consisted of cells that produce fat, that gather together in little bunches, or as an elastic ball, they do not present any danger and they are not treated as an emergency; their removal is done in case of physical discomfort or for esthetics purpose – diagnosis establish after an RMN), my husband was diagnosed with lipomixosarcom. Once hearing the diagnosis from the biopsy, being scared, we asked ourselves: “Why?”

Scrolling our lives, we remember that before our wedding ceremony, asking for forgiveness of our sins to the father confessor, he told us that after the wedding we must return to him in order to give us a penance for our spiritual recuperation, since we lived a long time in sin, unmarried. After the wedding, we remained careless to the invitation of the priest, and we found very fast the answer to our questions. We sinned too much! (So we thought then!)

Once we realized the mistake committed before God, we went to the father confessor, we confessed and we received, together, the same penance that we had to fulfill six months ago. On the same day of confession I told father confessor about my husband’s diagnosis, adn I asked him: „What can I do for helping my husband!”, and he told me: „Do you see all this people here? Come here Wednesday or Friday, for seven weeks, to pray as the this people here do, totally fasting until 7 PM in each of these days… You’ll see that he will heal!”

Immediately we started to fulfill our penance got from the father confessor and we started the seven prayers. During this time, we started to read spiritual books and we realized that God Lord blessed us with this trial for our salvation. We realized that we are not alone, that God, in his great mercy, gives us strength and guidance to go on His way. After two more prayers, God arranged that a team of three doctors to review the biopsy and to establish a new diagnosis of cancer, not as aggressive as the first one- fibromixosarcom. We continued to pray. I must tell you that after the surgery, my husband remained with a permanent discomfort, not too painful, but noticeable, located in the surged area. Having such a diagnosis, although at the beginning not willing to make any kind of treatment, the Good God “has prepared” everything: extraordinary doctors and radiotherapy solutions that did not put in danger the adjacent area from the surgery. We also prayed to St. Hierarch Nectarios to intercede to God my husband’s healing, we went to Radu Voda Monastery from Bucharest and we took holly oil from the candle that watches the relics of St. Nectarios.

Every evening I oiled my husband’s with this oil, making the Holy Cross sign above it, and praying to St. Nectarie and to God. Just before the 7th day of prayer (the last one), when my husband returned from a car trip, at a certain moment, someone took his pain. The pain disappeared like magic!!! He called me and, gripped by a strong emotion, we thanked God together for everything! It’s hard to say that he is totally healed, but I think that God gives us time for using it with the purpose of salvation.  It is been a year and a half form since, and the disease did not reappear. Immediately was the help of St. Hierarch Nectarios from Eghina. In the same time with appearance and growing of tumor that has been removed by surgery, another one appeared in my husband’s mouth. Worried about the first diagnosis and not finding a doctor to take care of its removal, the tumor remained only in the care of St. Nectarios, being oiled, every evening, with holy oil from the his candle. I was praying every time, thinking that I ask for the impossible, but hoping that God, through his Saints will make a miracle, making the tumor from my husband’s mouth disappear.

After six months of oiling the tumor and saying the same prayer, the miracle happened. It was the eve of St. Hierarch Nectarios celebration, 8th November, when, just before going to pray to St. Nectarios relics, chewing something, the tumor broke down, remaining hung in a thread. We got scared and personally, I decided that if my husband doesn’t want to go to the relics, I’ll go alone, being compulsory for me/us to pray to St. Nectarie and to thank for listening to my prayers. Feeling the same pleasant “obligation” my husband prepared several bandages (the bleeding was strong) and we went together to the holy relics.

Thanking to St. Hierarch Nectarie, we returned home with the thought that on the first Monday after the weekend to contact a doctor for removing the tumor. We could not wait any more.  During the night of 8-9th November, my husband, feeling in his mouth something like a rest from food, intending to chew it or to swallow it, he thought that it is something like a “rubber” and he throw it, putting it on the nightstand. He continued his sleep, not being fully awake. Next day in the morning, we realized that it wasn’t a remnant of food, but the tumor that he carried in his mouth for six months. We were amazed, excited and scared. I must say that I enjoyed very much seeing what my husband showed me very scared. I told him that this is a miracle made by St. Nectarios: „What other clearer proof to give use? “I prayed all the time as the tumor to be removed from that location and here is it: in the eve of its celebration he removed it without any medical intervention. We will do the biopsy, but I am sure that the result it will be good. Believe me, this is what I feel”

We went to an ENT doctor for giving us an opinion about the location of the tumor; he found that it still remained a very small piece of tumor, which was sent to biopsy; the result of the biopsy was very good (no cell cancer). One hour after the medical intervention, my husband called me for telling me: ”Do you know how it looked like the place of the tumor? It is incredible! No longer knowing it, it’s perfectly closed, even the color is the same. You can easily say that it was nothing there!”

Thank you Saint Hierarch Nectarios for help!. We found out on our own that the power of prayer is huge, that any trouble that God gives us is just a trial that we must receive it with our open souls and with faith that everything it is sent from above for our soul’s salvation and we must learn to have patience and hope as God, from his love, will not allow us to be alone and together with the prayers of Mary, His Blessed Mother and of all the saints, we can enjoy this life and especially the eternal life, in the kingdom of God. Praise God forever!

(Maria, Bucharest, 2008)

(Source: St Nectarie – Miracles from Romania – Egumenita Publishing)



13 thoughts on “Immediately came the help from St. Nectarios

  1. St Nectarios is Great. I was diagnosed in October with a rare type of lymphoma and 85-90% of those diagnosed with it are stage 3 and 4 and not curable. I realized that there was soemething wrong because I had an enlarged lymph node in my right armpit, which when surgically removed it turned out to be 6cm, following by another one which was 4cm. I was never close to God, but I had nowhere else to turn to. During the time that I was having tests I reflected on my previous life, my sins and with tears in my eyes I asked for Forgivenss. My mother in law is very religious and told me to ask God for a sign – to pray and open the Holy Bible as God would send me a sign. When I did this, the first thing that I read was a passage when Jesus said about Lazaro’s illness that this illness will not lead to death but is for God and the Son of God to be glorified through it. My faith started getting stronger and before every test and scan I prayed and in the same way God would respond to me that I have been cleared. On 08 November, the night before I had my hospital appointment to find out the stage of the disease and what needed to be done. I had a dream. I saw a young priest standing at the opposite side of the road and crossing me from a distance. I felt that this was St Nectarios as I had been praying for his Healing in the Name of Jesus. On 09 November in the morning I went to church before my appointment at hospital and with nearly tears in my eyes I stood in front of his icon and asked St Nectarios not to allow any tears of unhappiness in our eyes on his Holy Day. I asked for his Healing and I asked Him and Jesus to let us Glorigy the name of God.

    aAt hospital I was advised that there is no evidence of disease and that doctors even debated as to whether I should have radiotherapy or not. I am starting my radiotherapy in two weeks time and I am asking Jesus to guide the hand of the radiologist. I made a promise to go to Aegina at St Nectarios as soon as I am well enough in the new year. In my prayers I asked Jesus to send me angels and to reveal him self to me in my dreams. When I called my mum on the day of my medical appointment she started crying when I told her that I was all clear. She exclaimed that she was not crying because of unhappiness but out of joy, just like I had asked St Nectarios.

    I praise God for his Mercy and I thank St Necarios for his help

    Posted by mielboris | December 5, 2011, 3:11 pm
    • Praise the Lord!

      Thank you for sharing your experiences, Meilboris and Claudiu. I am very happy to hear all is well with everyone.

      My mum was diagnosed with lymphoma on 28 March 2011 and I dropped everything in the UK and returned to Singapore to be with mum and my brother and sister.

      I arrived home 29 March and further results of the diagnosis was not out till 1 April. A bone marrow test was done on 2 April and Chemotherapy was due to start on 4 April.

      We were going to another hospital to see another Consultant before going back to the initial Medical Centre to start the 1st chemotherapy, when my mum was so unwell that she could hardly sit upright. I left her bedroom and prayed to St Nektarios for help.

      Less than 15mins later, mum came down from her bedroom and said, ‘Let’s go and start the chemotherapy’. I said to her, ‘you’re not well, we’re not going anywhere’. She said she was feeling much better and did not want to seek the 3rd party opinion.

      During the first week after her 1st chemotherapy, mum was not well at all, with white blood cell count being very low. Mum was hospitalised for 5 days and on one of those nights, when I was making a phonecall back to UK to sort out some work issues, my sister called out to me:’ Mum’s asking for you’.

      I ran to the room and asked if she was ok. She mumbled something which I could not understand. I asked that she repeated what she said, and out came the words: ‘Pray, Pray, Pray’.

      I sat next to mum on her hospital bed and prayed to St Nektarios, and applied to holy oil to mum’s tummy area, where the 2kg tumour was.

      I was not brought up in a Christian, not to mention an Orthodoxy, environment. With St Nektarios’ blessings, I was baptised only in November 2010. When I heard mum asking me to pray, I knew she was asking me to pray to St Nektarios, as she knows how much I adore and love him – I kept telling her how great the Saint is.

      The next morning, she said to me in front of my sister: ‘I don’t know what you did, you went round my tummy with a sharp object, twice, and I felt deep into sleep. Now I feel there’s nothing wrong with me!’

      I looked up at my sis and indicated it was not me. She understood.

      On 8 December 2011, my mum turned 72, and I can’t thank St Nektarios for her healing. She’s now regained her independence and confidence, and took the public transport on her own 3 weeks ago, and once again last week, to go into town.

      I love you, St Nektarios, for everything you have blessed me with.

      Posted by (baptised as) Nektaria | January 4, 2012, 3:04 am
  2. Dear Nektaria,

    Thank you for the message. I am so glad to hear that your mum is recovering. God Bless her. It’s difficult when things go wrong not to lose faith, but that’s exactly when your faith needs to be strong. How did you hear about St Nektarios? What was your religion before being baptised?

    When I got to Greece next I am planning to visit the Chruch of St Nektarios in Aigina. God does listen to us and doess bless us. All we have to do is call out for his name and then Glorify Him for his kindness and miracle. I now try to be as charitable as I can, and to help others in the name of Jesus Christ. The experience has changed me a lot as a person. From a career driven ruthless women, I am not more simple and the only thing I care for and ask for my self every night is for Jesus Christ to cleanse me with his Holy Blood and to keep me safe.

    God bless u and your mum always,

    Posted by mielboris | January 10, 2012, 4:12 pm
  3. Hello Mielboris,

    Thank you!

    My ex-boyfriend is a Greek and on 9 November 2004, he had an interview for a job. He said to me in passing, ‘today is a very powerful Saint’s Day’. I asked casually, what is the name of this Saint? He told me it’s Saint Nektarios. I thought absolutely nothing about it, as I knew nothing of and wasn’t interested at all in Christianity.

    We split up 2 years later and I was in great emotional pain, for I loved, and still love, him very much. I prayed very hard to St Nektarios and He’s helped me overcome the tough days. Big time!

    In 2007, a friend was getting married in Athens and I promised myself, I don’t know where is Aegina, I don’t know how to get there, but I want to go and pay St Nektarios a visit. And so I went. And with St Nektarios’ blessings, I have been back every year, esp for the Feast Day in November.

    I was a Buddhist on paper before I was baptised.

    Likewise, I have given up on the rat race in Sept 2010 and have gone into private teaching. I am teaching Maths to kids aged 7 to 18 and some with learning difficulty, like dyslexia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia, etc. I only have one regret: why didn’t I do it earlier!! Life’s been so great leaving behind the ruthless world out there.

    Posted by Nektaria | January 18, 2012, 11:46 pm
    • As in the case of other persons, my encounter with Saint Nektarios happened miraculously because it wasn’t me that searched for Him, but it was the saint that entered my life. I didn’t know almost anything about his miracles, I read something about a healing in 2008, but didn’t memorize details. Then, in 2009 the calvary started for me. I was feeling very unwell, the doctor sent me for further medical tests, but nothing signed a serious disease. The pain was increasing, I was suffering from insomnia and my inner state was deplorable. In October, I went to Romania for a small visit, and I met a good friend of mine. I didn’t tell her I wasn’t feeling good.
      She gave me a book, and this is how the adventure of my life started. It was “The last miracles of Saint Nektarios”, a book that consigned the saint’s most recent miracles. That gift amazed me, even from the first pages I felt that it was a message for me, but I didn’t quite understand what it was about. I remember that the first miracle I read about was actually the healing of a person with cancer. Despite the fact that I was feeling from bad to worse, my spiritual state changed, I suddenly felt serene.
      I came back to Switzerland, went to the doctor again and he sent me for another investigation. The diagnosis fell like a lightning: it was cancer. Even so, I received this news with a sort of peace. This was actually the first miracle the saint made upon me. At that period of time, I was unemployed and I didn’t have a home. One week before I found out my diagnosis, some Romanian friends offered me a shelter, where I remained until I recovered. I really felt the real love of God through them, because they took care of me as if I was a member of their family.
      The doctors were pessimists because the tumor was quite enough. They decided to urgently operate me. I didn’t know what to do, I was shattered, and the pain was driving me crazy. I went for three days to a friend, hoping to receive an answer to my question whether to have the operation or not. In one of the evenings, I brought in my room several books of some contemporary saints. I prayed a lot for an answer and then I opened one of the books. The first line I read completely amazed me. It was written: “my daughter, go quickly and have the operation because there is no time to lose”. I received these words as if they were written for me, because they brought an extraordinary peace. The book was written by elder Porphyrios, as a letter to a spiritual daughter. This is how I met elder Porphyrios, whom I’ve always felt close to me ever since. So, I decided to have an operation.
      On 23 November I was operated; it was a complicated intervention that lasted almost 8 hours. The first three days after the operation, I was between life and death, under morphine. I stayed in the hospital for two weeks. Amazingly, everyone noticed that I was jolly, even my hospital roommates said that they had never seen someone so ill, but so luminous. I was indeed happy because I received the certainty of the eternal life; I knew that Heaven exists, that death is just a shift. One of the days I underwent a powerful withdrawal crisis because of the morphine. Exactly that day, a family brought me to the hospital a beautiful icon of saint Nektarios. This was another sign that the saint is close, because my state immediately improved.
      I was about to receive the result of an important test, which could tell if I needed chemotherapy. On the 2nd of December, the celebration day of elder Porphyrios, I received the good news that the tumor was in stage one, so chemotherapy wasn’t necessary. My surgeon kept telling me that I was very lucky. I kept giving praise to God and His saints.
      Recovery lasted a long time, but in May 2010 I decided to come to Aegina. It was then when I felt that I effectively met with Saint Nektarios. I am not able to express in words the happiness that I sensed at the Holy Trinity Monastery. The grace and the perfume of eternity followed me even from the first step at the monastery’s gate. Even though I was feeling bad because of the fatigue, when I arrived to the holy relics, all the pains disappeared. Time itself was passing by differently.
      I believe the greatest miracle the saint Nektarios did with me was an inner one. I’ve lived 29 years of my life with a deep sadness, a continuous tearing, and a dissatisfaction that made my life a nightmare. The moment I opened that book with the saint’s miracles, a transformation started in my soul. The day I found out I had cancer I prayed a lot to Saint Nektarios and then I went out in the city and had a long walk. That day I felt that I loved all the people, it was as if it was the first time I saw the beauty of each person, I couldn’t pass indifferently when seeing beggars, others’ pain was my pain.
      I was seeing the world with the eyes of Love. I revived; never in my healthy-human-being life had I been happier than this. I had made peace with everyone around me; I had forgotten everyone that made me suffer in the past. I was born again.

      Posted by Sorina | August 2, 2012, 5:25 pm
      • Dear Sorina,

        I am so near to tears reading your experience above. Glory be unto God!

        I hope this finds you in good health and in good spirit!

        Would you be kind enough to contact me, please, on email: nektaria0911@gmail.com

        Many thanks.

        Posted by Nektaria | November 23, 2012, 9:30 pm
    • Hello Mielboris,

      I hope this finds you well and that you are having a great year so far, and especially on 9th November!

      I wonder if you could please kindly contact me on email: nektaria0911@gmail.com

      Many thanks.

      Posted by Nektaria | November 23, 2012, 9:17 pm
  4. My name is Katerina Sourbis on January 30 2013 I was admitted to the hospital to have my left kidney removed due to a cancerous tumour that was the size of a grapefruit. The night before my surgery a dear friend of mine Gina Karapapas had given me some holy oil from The Great Miracolous St. Nektarios I placed the holy oil on my left kidney and made a cross where the tumor was.The day of my surgery the doctors told us it would be a four and a half hour procedure to remove my kidney . The surgery only took an hour and a half instead of the four and a half hours it was supposed to be. When the doctors came in my room after the surgery to tell how it went they proceeded to tell us they never saw anything like this before the tumor had shrunk that is why the surgery only took them an hour and a half, when I heard this I said to my husband immediately that it was the Graet Holy St. Nektarios that made my tumor shrink. I want to thank this Great Saint and for making me BELIEVE I still have along way to go and I PRAY to St.Nektarios , Pangia and Jesus including a few other Great Saints to heal me even though I know other people have it worst than I do but every day I count my blessings.Dear St. NEKTARIOS I would like to go to agena in greece to thank you in person , I am hoping for this summer or fall if everything is okay. And again I would like to say Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Katerina Sourbis

    Posted by Tom Sourbis | March 28, 2013, 11:07 pm
    • Oh wow! Katerina! St Nektarios sure works in his own way, by sending you a friend with the oil from him! 🙂

      I’m happy to hear that you are well now! Would be kind enough to contact me on my email: Nektaria0911@gmail.com please?

      Speak soon!

      Love in Christ,

      Posted by Nektaria | March 28, 2013, 11:29 pm
      • Nektaria I would like to thank you for responding to my post just out of curiosity are you named after this great saint.GOD BLESS. KATERINA SOURBIS PS. I needed to tell the world about this wonderful miracle St.Nektarios bestowed upon me to show people that miracles do exist and the power of prayer is the most important asset we all have as human beings.

        Posted by Tom Sourbis | March 29, 2013, 4:01 am
      • Hello Katerina,

        Yes indeed, I am named after St Nektarios just less than 3 years ago. 🙂

        Would appreciate if you could please contact me on my email above – many thanks!

        Love in Christ,

        Posted by Nektaria | March 31, 2013, 11:31 pm
  5. Hi every one , my mom was diagnosed with Vaginal cancer Stage 4 on 2006 and at that time we didn’t knew about saint Nektarios, there was a small church we used to go and pray there , it was named by Saint Nektarios and my mom went throygh radio and chemo therapy and when the treatment was done the doctors did a tests and they were shocked the told us that usually we do a surgery after this but in your case there is nothing like it never been cancer

    Pray for Us

    Posted by eyad | February 24, 2014, 7:51 am

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