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Why does God work in mysterious ways?

Saint Apostle Paul said: “Who has known the mind of Lord or who has been his counselor?” and folk wisdom reinforces this statement by saying: “God works in mysterious ways.” His “ways” refers to his thoughts on us, in fact his plans about our future; they are “mysterious” because they are confusing and very difficult for our minds to comprehend.

We all have asked God, at one time or another, to give us something and He, although we really wanted it, gave us something else instead. There are cases when we don’t get what we want because we desire wrong things. But how can you know if what you ask for is good or bad?

One of the conditions is that what we ask for us to have positive effects for those around us. Our demands should be beneficial for our family, our friends and the society in which we live.

God has a plan with each of us, but God’s plan for me is very much connected to his plan for the people around me. That is the reason we sometimes wonder why we get into certain situations, near certain people in certain places … It happens because God is taking us in a certain place to be useful to others more than to ourselves.

Everything happens for a reason. The Saints say that all people who come into our lives are sent by God to change us, help us love God more.

But there is one more very important thing to mention: God does all these things taking our choices into consideration. Our freedom does not hinder God’s freedom. That is, our freedom to choose does not prevent God from fulfilling His plan. How is this possible? Because God has the solution for every problem, and no matter how many bad choices we make, He will always try to give us a way out of trouble. His solutions come to us often through the people that He sends into our lives.

I strongly believe in the fact that everything happens for a reason, nothing is random! The person who passed me by on the street at 09.45 in the morning, the car waiting at the traffic lights, the roommate I had in college, the math teacher … they are all part of a plan, the great plan of salvation.

I must confess that, at this point in my life, I do not understand God’s plan with me and my family. I’ve seen so much, I had so many plans and so many thoughts about the future but often life took another turn. I am telling you honestly that I do not understand His plan for me.

When God makes a decision, He makes it in such a way that He may reconcile everyone at once. I ask Him for something, you ask Him for something else…. Think about it, there are tens and hundreds of thousands of people who ask God for something. Certainly some of the demands and desires overlap; on the other hand, there are demands and wishes that damage or hurt the wishes of others. Thus God acts as a mediator between our thoughts and our future plans.

Think about the fact that God’s decisions for us are connected not only to the decisions of the members of our present society but also to the lives of people who died and the lives of the people who are yet to be born. Why? Because our choices affect the future of our descendants and our prayers help the people who passed away and are in hell.

That being told, God’s plan for me is related to the plan He had for my ancestors and to the plan He has for my children and my grandchildren, who are yet to be born. Everything is thought through by God, so that all men have the chance to know the truth and be saved.

The conclusion is as simple as this: when you are angry and do not understand why God does not help, or why He will not change your life like you asked Him, remember that your life is closely linked to that of those around you. An earlier article states that the decisions that each of us makes, affect the world at a greater or lesser extent.

Why does God work in mysterious ways? His ways are mysterious and confusing to us, to our minds, because our understanding is limited, but they are perfectly designed, fully optimized to help people as much as possible, according to their choices. Lord’s thoughts seem confusing because they are too complex; millions of lives are affected by each of His decision.

Often we understand God’s intentions with our lives long after the events occurred. In the short run, the reason why some things happen seems to be a mystery for the most of us.

Not a single hair moves without the will of God, as He himself says in the Gospel. By this we mean that the slightest movement in the universe does not happen outside of God’s plan for humanity. God does not intervene sometimes or sporadically but continuously, moment by moment. Nothing is unknown to Him; He is always connected to our lives.

Father Stephen said that the secular world today sees the creation as a two-story universe. On the first floor humanity and on the second floor God. Each floor exists independently; there is not much interaction and influence between them. By thinking in such a way, we exclude God from our lives, from our consciousness, mostly because His presence shows us our sins and mistakes.

Either way people think or imagine the reality is only one: God created the world and will take permanent care of it until the end of time. Nothing is accidental and everything goes according to a plan, but not a fixed plan, but one that always adapts to our decisions.

The life we live is a result of decisions we have taken, sometimes in cooperation with God, sometimes alone.




3 thoughts on “Why does God work in mysterious ways?

  1. Thank God I stumbled upon your column (I guess it wasn’t a coincidence, was it?) and thank you for your kind words. I understand you need people to help with translations on this website. I would like to offer my help, if needed.

    Posted by lia | September 9, 2011, 4:40 pm
  2. You said that you believe everything happens for a reason (gods plan).
    Did you mean including us humans aswell because if we did everything for gods reasons, that would mean we don’t have free will. Am I wrong, correct me if I’m wrong

    Posted by halvion | September 6, 2012, 7:25 am
  3. thank you i learn something new thru this article

    Posted by King's | November 24, 2012, 4:59 pm

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