Feminine temptations

I put on make-up to be like others

Why do we dye our hair, go to a stylist, for whom do we want to look “good”? It’s fashionable at all ages to change your look, your hair color, to have moldy eyes, there, where worms won’t enjoy it, right?

Did you know … this is how “curiosities” boxes in Compendiums start…. and yet, did you know that the pack of mask (this is the real name for the pack of demons) will leave you with the impression that you are “prettier” with pink and green in your hair? What about blue around the eyes? Not to mention the blackish mascara! Wow, and earrings have their own purpose, they make my ears look bigger, and without them others will think I’m a “peasant girl” or, in a more recent note, a “peasant boy,” isn’t it? (yet, even the word peasant, if people knew what it really stood for, they would appreciate it because peasants are hard-working people)….

And if you only knew how hard demons are laughing behind the mirror when you make yourself look ugly… And how could you not paint yourself when you look so pale and your hair is this white? So what, if men dye their hair and apply make-up, it’s in fashion nowadays, isn’t it? And I can’t pass through the gates of my high school if I lack colorfulness…Well, if the Good Lord had created me thus, I would have been born with blue all around my eyes and cart wheels in my ears, yet the Good Lord in His heavenly goodness made us all beautiful according to His “image and likeness”…Why ruin the creation and beauty given to us by our Good and Dear Father, the Good Lord?

Big companies have been built nowadays, dealing with “cosmetics,” not to mention the experiments made on poor animals taken as guinea pigs and who are passing through an ordeal. Honey!, what’s wrong with it, am I not supposed to look good as I’m walking down the street? Would I rather be gossiped for not taking care of myself? Well, yes, but does the world see the beauty of my soul? Cosmetic products retailers have created real “myths” about “marvelous” products which do not age our skin, and highlight everything we want: cheeks, mouth, eyes, eyebrows…

Why should I make a donation to a poor person or a child, I don’t have enough to give away, I should better have my nails done for about one 30 dollars, with cave paintings on them, I would brag about them to people, and when they’ll see, they’ll surely appreciate me…Where does this deception lead to? Why don’t we remember, every moment, that the body is rotting material and becomes a corpse without its soul?

I pity the poor sixth graders who start the torment of powdering their innocent faces with all sorts of colored stuff kindly adviced by their mothers. Have their mothers seen any of the Holy Icons with make-up on? They admire the beauty of an icon! and the sight of it may bring them joy, but do they think of a prayer instead of bad “beauty” advice? I wonder, what is the impression a painted woman leaves? …..she is either promiscuous or a clown… “And in addition to that I’ll put a golden ring or maybe two on each finger, and have a leg bracelet ‘cause duh… I am so much admired! What, am I that stupid not to be just like the others? My right neighbor is purple, the one on left is red, and why shouldn’t I be pink? And to wrap it all, I’m entering the church like a circus clown and, what do I see, I am judged, willy-nilly… but many men are looking at me when I’m on the street, and my heart’s pounding with pride”… And so the whole bunch of demons has fulfilled its task and has won a soul in the eternal stench of hell. Embellishments will stop our souls at heavens border and that is when terrible pain begins.

Why should we be blindfolded by our enemy’s cunning? Have you ever appreciated a simple and zet beautiful person? Our inner beauty is shown on our faces, and quite often we spot kindness or wickedness displayed on a person’s face.

To be honest, before knowing the faith in God I was in the same “herd,” painting my face and torturing myself with cosmetics, but on looking back now, I can’t understand myself. Why was I doing all that? Was it because I’m working in public relations, and as a excuse Satan’s colored mask created a false impression to others about me ?

And one day I met the beauty of faith, and that moment I saw how deceived I was by the pack of masks and from that moment on I gave up everything … make-up… earrings … I felt free, I felt happy without them because I finally realized that the enemy had turned me into a puppet, a cloth drawn away from him by that moment… There are many times when it’s hard to restrain myself from judging others even involuntarily, when I see so much rainbow on one single girl… and then I judge myself for being the way I once were….

I had a friend who did not quit it all of the sudden, but gradually, preserving some “innocent” lipstick, it’s not such a great sin after all… well, if thus whispered Satan…

I didn’t write this article to be the judge, God forbid, but I just want to say that these are tricks devised by the wicked who mock our feeble faith and turn women into “parrots” filling up Hell … Let’s see the beauty of the soul instead of the distorted mask of make-up, because we shouldn’t care about people, we should care about our Good Lord’s mercy and about our salvation.

May the Good Lord forgive us all!

God help us!




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