The fight against sin

The healing “sins”

I’ve thought that if we like to stay in sins, being so stuborn to listen to God’s word, we should change our vices in our favour so that we will get spiritual benefit and a chance of salvation… if we lose so much time making sins.

That being said, here is what I suggest to you:

  • unbridled to spiritual desire
  • greedy in making mercy
  • mean in backbiting
  • slanderers of good
  • lavish with love for the others
  • avaricious with earthly delights
  • lazy to fight
  • libellous of evil thought
  • mocking of devilish teaching
  • haters of injustice
  • disobedient in gossiping
  • unfaithful in lies
  • dishonest with vain things
  • unforgiving with our sins
  • angry with all our passions
  • intolerant with our sins
  • rebellious against all temptations
  • afflicted after God
  • proud of the other’s virtues
  • stubborn in keeping the right faith
  • fearful of God’s right
  • incompetent to betray
  • unable to remember the mistakes of others
  • unstable in bad things
  • unembarrassed to confess the faith
  • greedy of virtues
  • addicted to God’s love
  • extremists in gentleness
  • distrustful of heresies and superstitions
  • traitors of passions
  • inattentive to rage
  • eager to gain the kingdom of God!

Therefore, as the Holy Fathers of the Church teach us, every negative impulse from our souls can be changed into a source of christian virtues. According to Fathers’ sayings, the irascible part of the soul, which we use it when we commit the sin of rage, has been given to us by God to practice the virtue of courage. Also, all the powers of the soul, which God offered to us, can be use in a positive way (with the purpose to fulfill the divine will), or contrary to our nature (to commit evil) depending on the free will of each of us.



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