God’s Tears

lrg-311-0952frescaI was looking at an icon of the Savior today. It is an icon that has cried. In fact, Christ’s very eyes have cried and, as a testimony, His tears appeared on the painted face as well.

What grandeur on our Lord’s face! What glory! What holy silence! And upon this silence tears were shed,… tears which stopped on his cheek, tears which cry out to us.

They call us gently by our names, they call us to watch them and not to pass by without wiping at least one…

I asked with grief: “Why are you crying, Lord?”

But I know the answer too well: God, with His Fatherly heart, saddens just like a parent forgotten by his children. He sees us running around in this world like lunatics, tired, sunk into despair, forgetting that He is waiting to give us rest in His fatherly arms. We rummage through mire with our hands, we grope in the darkness, forgetting about the heat and the light that He is longing to share with us. We keep staring at pain, forgetting that our God heals. We are afraid of death, forgetting that Christ is life.

And I asked Him again: “Why are you crying, oh Lord my God?”…

But I already know that His tears are shed on my account, too. I strike Him, the Sinless, with my sins. I hurt Him, the One full of love, with my lack of love. With my oblivion, I sadden Christ, the One Who always takes care of me.

If we, the people, rejoice when our beloved ones rejoice and we sadden when we see them suffer, how shall we pass by His tears with indifference?

At least once a day we could direct our look towards Him. If we only understood with what love and patience Christ is waiting for us to talk to Him, we would try to say at least one word to Him every day. If we only knew with what grief His tears are shed, we would try to wipe at least one with a piece of our soul.

Translated by Claudia



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