God's love

Let Me love you

Here are a few words which gave me great hope and joy. I hope you’ll like them. These words and especially the way God sees His relationship with us are extraordinary.

“Don’t say anything to Me. I am familiar with your misery, your troubles, your struggles and the temptations of your soul. I know and I am familiar with the cowardice of your sins and despite all that, I say to you: «Love Me the way you are! Give Me your heart!» If you wait until you become an angel in order to give yourself to My love, then you will never love Me! Even when you are coward, fearful, distrustful of the fulfillment of love and of the achievement of sainthood, even when you fall back into those sins you don’t will to commit, I will not give you permission not to love Me. Love Me the way you are, no matter the moment and the situation, while being faithful or unfaithful, while being zealous or hard-hearted. Just love Me the way you are.

I want you to love Me with your poor little heart. If you wait until you attain perfection in order to love Me, then you will never love Me. Am I not able to make every grain of sand into a seraphim, into an angel that shine in purity and love?! Am I not the Lord God Who created all things and can do anything? Oh, man, have you given your life for the world out of love for the people or have you died out of love for Me? Then what is the reason you don’t let Me love you? My child, let Me love you, I want your heart which is my dwelling place.

I shall change you in time, of course, but even until then love Me the way you are, because I love you in spite of the way you are. I want your love for Me to be born out of your poor little heart, out of the depth of your weakness and filth. I still love you when you are weak and unclean. I don’t want a love sprung from and fed by the pride of your virtues, but one from a humble heart which I can cleanse anytime. I don’t need your virtues, your talents, your wisdom. All I want is for you to love Me and to work for Me with love.

It is not your virtues that I want. If I gave them to you, because you are so weak and proud, they would nurture your vanity and you wouldn’t honour Me. So let them not be a reason for which you don’t seek Me and you stay away from Me. Draw close to Me with love. The flames would not only remove rust from a rusty piece of iron, but they would also make it incandescent. Love Me not just to become clean, as this would also be a source of pride for you, but because I want to rest within your heart. So don’t concern yourself with that anymore!

I could accomplish great things for the human mind through you, but no, you will be a wicked and useless and powerless servant.  I will take even the little you think you have away from you. I created you out of love and for the purpose of giving you love without you being able to give me anything in return. Don’t try to pay for My love with anything. Love Me with the love of My Spirit and for no reason. Don’t stay away from Me any longer. What you lack is not sainthood, which I can give to you, but a heart ready to love Me anytime and until the end.

I am standing before the door of your heart like a beggar today. I, the only, the true Emperor and Lord. I am knocking and waiting. Hurry up to open through meekness.  Don’t invoke reasons like your filth and poverty. If you knew them entirely and deeply, you would die of pain. But what would hurt Me would be if you still doubted Me now, if you doubted My love for you. Believe that I can do everything… and that you can do nothing without me. It is only the sin that you can commit without My help.

Don’t rely on yourself without Me because if you do that, I’ll be forced to leave you fallen to the degree you think highly of yourself. Don’t worry for not having any virtues, I shall give you My sainthood. Open your heart through repentance and receive Me into the chalice of your soul through My Body and Blood that I give you as a gift during the Divine Liturgy. Then I shall make you understand everything and love Me more than you can imagine.

Let My blood run through yours and My heart beat within yours. I gave you My Holy and Most Pure Mother. Let everything pass through her pure heart so that she could intercede for you. Whatever happens, by no means wait until you become a saint in order for you to love Me. You will never love Me if you do that. And now go. I am with you!”

Then Jesus came to them and said: All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you, and surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age. Amen.

Translated by Claudia



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