I collected in my eyes all the sky with its cloudless and the birds who were flying on it. Also, I collected the seaside with its deep and the mountains with its height. I collected in my hair smell of golden hay and the coolness of a spring flowing in the middle of the summer on my lips.

I collected all heart songs under the view of angels, in the middle of the Liturgy and on my lips I picked blue light drops who rise on the icons.

I collected in my lap the nobility of the lilies and the humbleness of the snowdrops. On the top of my fingers I collected the shyness of the poppies who were in the crop field. I collected all the blessing of the rain fell on a dry street of a village.

I collected all the stars of the sky and I gathered burner light of the sun. I gathered all the wind in my coat and in the pockets of my coat I collected smooth rustle of leaf. I gathered, in the swing of my heart the silence of the day who goes. I collected in my eyes the gently light of the full moon who rules silent over the world deepened in sleep.

I gathered all the miss of a heartache and all the tenderness of a caress. I gathered all the shyness of a tear wiped in secret, I gathered the purity of the eyes of children and I collected their smile.

I gathered all the sweetness of the spring and the white of apple flowers.

And I put all that I gathered under your eyes, oh, world!… and I cry trembling because none of them or all together can tell all the beauty of Christ!




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