Teenager's love

Why doesn’t he love me?

Many of us often ask ourselves the question: “Why he\she doesn’t love me?”. We are at an age when feelings burst in our souls even if we want it or not. OK….so far….we can say is nothing serious, right?

Is not sin to love. Is not sin to feel something for a person. It is important how we love. How we manifest this love…and how much we belive in it. Maybe is not the right “form”: “how much we belive in it”  because God is love. He gives love to those who belive in His Word and His Power. Maybe some see love like a form of destiny, you go with the wind, you love, you don’t care about nobody and nothing stops you to continue this beautiful story. Others see love like an ATM, everything consists in the interest of the person. But just a few realize what is true love.

Love is not when the partner looks “hot”. Is not love when somenthing wrong happens and everything cleans out, everything disappear. No. The love between two persons comes naturally. Love…from my point of view, is prayer. It is a song of the heart…which you raise to Him. A no ending score of life in which you do nothing but love.

Well…you’ll say…how to not look good? Well then…where is that attraction…where is the pleasure? Well…you love from pleasure because the one next to you loves you too. The pleasure is just the intensity of the feelings, their power. Right here lies the desire from prayer. And if he doesn’t love me? You still love him!

For some, maybe is absurd to love without the other to feel something for you. For that reason, we do things that lead us to sin. We ambition more for the other to like us. The love statuses often used on Messenger, the hi5 with sad pictures, messages and letters…are just small aids to start a relationship. Really? Why some of the young people appeal  to those and not appeal to a pray? Young people, love doesn’t come out through the internet. God doesn’t loves us just if we have internet. He loves us without conditions. This thing we must do too.

We don’t have to force things. The love between two persons comes naturally. The moment we try to “work” alone at a relationship, is possible to collapse all forever. Love comes when it is sent by God, at its time..not when we want.




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