Interesting analogies

The eagle and the rooster

An eagle was flying in the hight and he was delighted with the beauty of the world, so he was thinking to himself : „ I’m passing by vast distances: over the mountains and valleys, sees and rivers, over the fields and forests; I see many wild beasts and birds; I see towns and villages and how people live.

But the country rooster doesn’t know anything of all this except the people and the animals from the farm. I will fly to him and tell him about life. And the eagle made a halt on the roof of the farm and he saw how happily and haughtily was the rooster walking between his hens and he thought: „ That means the rooster is contented with his fate, nevertheless I will tell him all I know.”

And the eagle started to tell about all the beauty and wonders of the world. Firstly, the rooster listened carefully to him, but he didn’t understand anything. Because of this, the eagle grew sad and it was hard for him to continue to speak. On his turn, the rooster got bored and it was hard for him to listen to. So, both remained contented with his own fate. Such things happen when a cultivated man speakes with an unlearnd one, even more when a spiritual man speaks with an irreligious one. The first resembles with an eagle and the last with a rooster.

A spirtual mind thinks day and night to God’s law and raises through prayer to God, but an unspiritual mind is stuck to the ground and haunted by thoughts. The soul of the spiritual one is delighted with peace, but the soul of the unspiritual one is empty and scatterd. A spiritual man spreads his wings like eagels, soars on the wind and feels God in his heart and sees the entire world, even if he prays in the darkness of night. The unspiritual man enjoys or vainglory, or riches, or bodily delights. And when a spiritual man meets an unspiritual one, the connection is tedious and difficult.

Before being touched by grace, man lives like all is well and in good order in his soul, but when is visited by the grace and when the grace lives in his heart, you can see a completly different man and only when grace leaves him, he gives account in wich misfortune is found.

A king’s son went for hunting  and he got lost in the forest, so he couldn’t return to the palace. Many tears were shed while he was looking for the way to his home, but he didn’t find it. Lost in the wild forest, he missed a lot his family. How to live without his family? He was sobbing bitterly thinking of his old life and groaning with pain after his parents. So, even more than that is when the soul looses the grace.

When Joseph was sold by his brothers to be servant for Egyptians, he wept inconsolable after his father and when he saw the tomb of Rachel, his mother, he was roaring bitterly and said: „ My mother, do you see that I’m enslaved in another country?” So even more is the soul struggling when loses the grace of the Holy Spirit and was enslaved by evil thoughts. But who doesn’t know grace, doesn’t seek it. Thus, the world has enslaved itself by material things and people don’t know that nothing on Earth can replace the sweatness of the Holy Spirit. The country rooster lives in a small yard and is happy with his fate. But the eagle flies through the sky  and sees the azure heights, knows many countries, forests and plains, rivers and mountains, big cities, but if you cut his wings and put him to live with the rooster in the yard, how much will he miss the blue sky and barren rocks! So the soul, when is left by the grace, he doesn’t find rest in anything.

(Silouan the Athonite – Between the hell of hopelessness and the hell of humility)



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