Is the abortion justified in case of fetal malformations or in case of a rape?

Why not to abort if I know that my baby will be born with malformations or if he’s resulted from a rape? Is abortion a sin in such extreme situations?

Here are two hard questions that stirs the mind of any christian in this world.

What do we do when we get the heavy news that our future child has been diagnosed as suffering from a congenital abnormality or a syndrome?

The main argument to accept the abortion as a solution is that the child mustn’t lead a life of torment and failures. The second pro-abortion argument is that such a news would destroy the joy of parenthood.

Firstly, to give the answers that are the true solutions to these so delicate problems,we have to be honest with ourselves. When we plan to take an abortion decision of our own child diagnosed with a malformation, for who we really want to make this decision that we consider good ? For the happiness of the baby (not to live a life of torment), or for our own sake, because we don’t want to lead a life of worryness?

Do we want to stop the baby disability, that was predicted by medical tests, or do we want to stop the birth of that child, because we see it as a irrealization of our own happiness, anticipated through dreams and perfect plans?

If we were honest with ourselves, we would realize that firstly, in these decisions, we think at our happiness, not at the child’s one, so the first pro-abortion argument falls under its own dishonesty!

Secondly, to have a more objective situation of this problem, so a suitable solution too, it is important to note that the birth and growth of any child are not only a joy, but every once a sweet burden too. Only the hard work of  the parents, accompanied by the grace of God, makes the child blossom into a blessing. That’s why there is no child suffering from any abnormality a heavier burden than a healthy child who disrespects his parents.Never!

As long as the suffering child loves and obeys his parents , he is a blessing and a great joy. Often, children who suffer from a heavy fetal disease (birth defects of the heart, legs, blind, etc.) are more loving and obedient than children who don’t have body diseases,but soul diseases.

On the other hand, many parents mocked by their children who have the drugs,entourages or alcohol habits, would like rather have had a child with physical defects who loved them, instead a child who humiliates them.

It is imperative to realize that children with defects have also a purpose in the salvation plan of God, but also the purpose to bring joy to the parents. We do not realize how much joy these children bring in time,by offering respect, love and fidelity to their parents(that’s what the parents want from a child). Such children are a hard lesson for everyone, because, through their actions,they show to the society that they are more human than many healthy people .

Thirdly, what we gonna do with the misdiagnosed cases,when doctors gave to the fetus the diagnose to be born with serious defects and, at the birth, they found out that the child was perfectly healthy with no sign of disease?
In such cases, abortion would have made us guilty of killing our own healthy child, on some alleged reasons, but with no real support, and inexistent in this life, but existent and unforgivable in the Day of Judgement.

If a child is resulted from a rape, we are in the extreme other side. It’s not the child itself  the problem, but the sexual act that led to his conception. In the first case,it was the sexual act of the couple that led to the conception of a baby with malformation risk;in the second case,the sexual act itself is a malformation.So the malformation isn’t anymore a physical one and it doesn’t affect the child,but it’s a spiritual one and it affects the act who led to the conception.

This is the great pain of a raped woman and as long as this is the big problem, we need to treat it properly.

It’ that why we must understand that a woman who became pregnant after a rape, is also psycologically wounded ,like somebody who has his head wounded with a splinter.Like somebody seriously ill on the hospital bed is almost ready to collapse because of pain, so is the mood of a raped woman: ready to collapse into despair and definitive depression.

In these extreme cases, when foreign objects seriously damaged the body in a very sensitive area, the doctor decides not to retrieve the foreign objects from the patient’s body because the risks of surgery would be too large for the existing state of uncertainty and instability . So, in the case of pregnancy resulted from rape, you can not take abortion as a solution,because the extremely fragile state of mind of the mother would collapse even more after that decision.

So,in case of abortion, not only the woman has to carry on with the shame and sick of a nameless violence , but the burden of her soul would encumber even more with the assassination of an innocent baby.

That is why the Church doesn’t allow abortion even in the most extreme cases:because a wound would be added over another wound.

As parents or future parents, we must understand that we have no right to take the life of our child. Let everyone understand that the woman isn’t the author of life, but her bearing. And as long as the Author of the breath of life from the womb of any mother said simply: “Do not kill,” no one dare to make a decision against life!

If we realize all that abortion is a crime, so a great sin, we would understand that abortion is never a solution , no matter how extreme the case is, for any sin in this world only brings suffering.

Something bad is never a solution for another bad action, no matter how hard the circumstances are.

(Written by Dan, translated into english by Ioana)



2 thoughts on “Is the abortion justified in case of fetal malformations or in case of a rape?

  1. Try being a raped woman first

    Posted by melba | September 14, 2013, 3:04 pm

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