God’s tears

untitled1Today, I was looking at an icon with our Lord, Jesus Christ. It is an icon who has cried. In fact, there was ours Lord Jesus Christ eyes who cried and as evidence, his tears can be seen even on the painted icon.

Such greatness in the face of our God! Such glory! Such holy silence! And over this silence tears have coursed … tears that have stopped on His cheek, tears that calls us.

He calls us by name gentle; He invites us to look and not to pass along without even caring.

With pain I asked: “Why are you crying, Lord?”

The answer, I know it too well: God, with the heart of a father is sad like a parent forgot  by his children’s. He sees us running crazy through the world, tired, worried and, forgetting that He is waiting us to rest in his arms like a parent. We sink  into the mud with our hands, walking in the dark, forgetting the heat and light that He wishes to share with us. We stay in pain, forgetting that our God heals. We are afraid of death, forgetting that Christ is life .

And again I ask: “Why are you crying, Lord my God?”

But I already know that his tears are also because of me. I hit with my sins in Him, The Innocent one.. I hurt Him with my indifference, Him the one full of love. I grieve Him with forgetting Him, who takes care of me forever.

If we, the people, we rejoice when our loved ones are happt and we grieve when we see suffering, as we’ll get careless in addition to his tears?

At least once a day, we could cast our eyes towards Him. Only if we could understood with how much love and patience His awaiting us to talk to Him, we will tell Him daily at least a word. If we know how much pain is in His tears, we would  try to remove at least one with a corner of oursoul.




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