Smoking, drinking and drugs

Why smoking is a sin ?

I smoked for a few years and I’m not at all excited about it, but now I no longer smoke. It has been 6 years from since I quit smoking. How did I do it? I didn’t want to quit and quitting was neither in my plans for future, because I’d liked it.

I and my best friend were going to church every Sunday, staying only 5 minutes and lighting a candle, praying a bit and then leaving. One day, we arrived exactly at the sermon and the priest was presenting several books that you can buy right out from the Church. The book that I stirred the greatest interest was “Smoking is a sin” and I returned the next day and I bought it. I read it as soon as I got home, but honestly I tell you that I did not have high expectations from it. After I finished reading it I decided to quit smoking. From that time until today, with God’s help I’ve never touched the cigarette. I did not know almost anything about God and yet what I read in that book changed me.

I think smoking is a sin because it is a vice, and vice means to search the pleasure and joy in things instead for looking for them in persons. It’s a flaw to look to be happy just eating, as is a flaw to look to be happy just drinking daily alcohol.

Inhaling thirsty from a cigarette seeking a bit of calm and peace, is misleading, because ultimately all that remains is the tar in the lungs, increasing dependence and the strong mouth stench. Father Cleopa said very nicely that if God thought it was good for us to smoke, He would have made us  with a chimney at the top of our head.

At first you think that you are interesting waving the cigarette in front of others but later you must bear the consequences of smoking, on your skin, every day.

I noticed that after several years of smoking:

– I was breathing much harder and it hurts me in the chest; I feel this especially when I run or swim.

– my teethes are colored yellow because of the cigar smoke

– I cannot make calculations in my memory as fast I as I was before smoking.

– I was smoking every day and couldn’t stay without cigarettes, I was addicted to them and I was doing anything to have a cigarette.

– I was spending a lot of money

– I was hurting my friends and my family making them inhale the cigarette smoke

– My clothes smelled very badly

It’s a sin to cut my hand? It’s a sin to have my eyes out? It’s a sin to cut my veins? Yes, because I damage the body that God created for me and which has a certain harmony and beauty. Sin is what makes me sick, and at the same time harms others.

Someone who runs with speed and makes an accident hitting innocent people, is clear that he hurts himself and he will pay the consequences, and at the same time he ruins the lives of other people. It’s normal for God to punish sin (high speed) to protect both the driver and the innocent people, and in the future also those who want to try speeding in order to discourage them.

And that’s why smoking is a sin because it’s making me sick and harms others too thoroughly our indirectly. God love us all so is normal to punish the evil that affects us. The cigarette itself brings “punishment” on the person who smokes through the strong negative consequences on the body, and God punished to deter us more to smoking.

“All things are lawful for me, but all things are not helpful. All things are lawful for me, but I will not be brought under the power of any.”

(Balan Claudiu)



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