Miracles and wonders

A miracle of Saint Demetrios Basarabov

“I am a gynecologist surgeon for nearly two decades and have long lived in peace and plenty! Since 1999, my life was given over the head of the blue …

In one night, I dreamed a lot of newborns who seemed to swim in a giant aquarium, located right in my face, and appeared to choke, because they desperately fell the wall of glass looking for an exit. I can never forget those big and desperate eyes steering to me!

Starting with the next day, a couple of trouble exploded into my existence that brought me on the verge of despair. My wife was diagnosed a breast cancer and underwent an operation that has crippled it. In a short time, my son – high school then – confessed in a suspicious manner that owes a large sum of money to someone and that his life could be in danger if he does not pay his debts. I ‘ve found very quickly that he was addicted to heroin and because of that he was borrowing money more often, to pay doses. After a week my car was stolen – a Volkswagen Passat brand-new – haven’t had time to insure it for theft. And for my life to become completely dark, our spacious villa was partly destroyed by a fire …

I was simply overwhelmed!

Although I was a relatively faithful man, not too frequent to the churches, I thought suddenly to climb the Patriarchate hill, for my despair summit coincided with the day of Oct. 27, when the pilgrimage to Saint Dimitrie Basarabov relics is. In the hours while I waited in line, I prayed silently, asking the Saint what I was doing wrong that so much misfortune, at once, collapsed on my head, and what was to be done. When I got in front of the relics, I couldn’t think to nothing … I just burst out crying and I couldn’t stop than later, after I descended the hill.

Well, please believe me that the next night I dreamed of Saint Demetrios. He was speaking with great gentleness, revealing my truth that I ignored it entirely, as I was a scoundrel! He said that those newborns that I saw in the dream in a number of 187 children. Those children’s never saw the world, because of the curettage I made to their mothers at their request, and received a lot of money, wrongly, in exchange for these crimes. Saint Demetrios continued speak with the same gentleness, clarifying things that if I continue to commit such baby kills, misfortunes will come often and often. Moreover, He asked me to christen a number of children equal to that of the baby’s that I killed with my hands, warning me that: “You will see what will happen if can take to an end such a good deed! And not to sin again…. “

From the second day, I never made any curettage and I won my existence from consultations, births or surgery which helped the coming into the world of children. At the time, I started with my wife in orphanages, accompanied by the priest from the parish in November, christening at least one child every month!

I want to tell you that things have taken a completely different way in my life … Today, after five years, my wife feels good, even if he has lost a breast, and my son, after completing high school, asked me to help him to go to a rehab clinic. It is now fully healed. Medical tests prove that my wife is out of the danger and cancer was removed. We restored the house, with hard efforts, but thoroughly, and – strikingly for a sinner like me – our cash earnings have not declined very much, in the absence curettages! I became  a man of true belieth who has understood, even in the last minute, that everything is paid in life, as far as the facts of evil, but equally, it is retributive in life, as far as good deeds.
See how God works through His saints? Saint Demetrios Basarabov hasn’t made a “normal” wonder like spectacular saving me from a car accident. He opened my mind and helped me to save, by my own facts. ”

ALEX I. specialist surgeon obstetrics and gynecology – Bucharest, Romania.



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