Jesus Christ

The truth is not relative, the truth is Christ

Some say that the truth is relative, in that it may be once in a way, once in another way, and that there is nothing clear, nothing settled, nothing set in stone, but everything is changing
But let’s see what the word “relative” means in the Dictionary:

1. What concerns, relate to something or someone, which is related to something or someone.

2. Which has a value dependent on certain conditions, a reference system

3. Which depends on a term in the absence of which would be meaningless?

4. Which exists only in relation to something else.

Therefore the adjective “relative” bounded with “truth” does not show that truth is undefined, or as anybody wants. It means that the truth is related to someone or something and must be in connection with something or someone. “Relative Truth” claimed by some shows that may not exist by itself, but must depend on a system of reference and alone (relative truth) would be meaningless.

Very often we ask ourselves “What is truth? Where is the truth?

Everybody wants to know the truth, about those around them, about their lives, about anything. All we want to know how things really are, right? All we know is that behind every human action is a motivation, is a desire. Everybody knows that nobody makes things by chance, but each seeks something. But who can know the heart and mind of everybody?

Those who say that “truth is relative” realize that nothing is there by itself, nothing is self-sufficient (everything is created, everything is finite, everything appears and disappears, is born and dies, it is manufactured and passes away, rusts, rots and vanishes …).

Not even the laws of physics are 100% valid in any place and any time and in any conditions, but always depend on space, time and especially people. Nothing is really 100% but there are always exceptions. Nothing’s unchanged; nothing can exist independently and without relation to something or someone.

If everything is created and it is limited, and nothing is 100% true, then what is true in the end? Or who is true?

Only one who created everything, only the one that exists by itself, which does not depend on anyone and anything, He is true.

Here’s how He, Jesus Christ, God Himself recommends Himself:

“Jesus said to him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.”

The truth is not relative but the truth is personal, the truth is God. All were created by Him, everything exists through His power, and everything is supported by Him, all related to Him.

All the laws of the world, all constitutions, all the worldly rules are efficient for that because He helps that they are respected, namely it helps peoples to love each other. He reveals all, He lets us discover knowledge, wisdom, gentleness, love…. 

“Heaven and earth will pass away, but My words will by no means pass away.”

(Balan Claudiu)



One thought on “The truth is not relative, the truth is Christ

  1. If only you Americans knew the Amelek spirit that reigns in the Church here in Australia you would petition the Ecumenical See to have its perpetrator removed at once! If only one of your numbers could visit our shores to see
    the hopefully not irreparable damage that has been inflicted on her and her captivity by the politico ethnicists you would shake your heads! Orthodoxy in Australia has degenerated into a heartlessness that leaves one cold. The are no vocations in her only career-seeking.

    Posted by Theodore | February 27, 2018, 1:57 am

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